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Greenville Professional Firefighters Association, Local 1867

Welcome to the Greenville Professional Firefighters Association, IAFF Local 1867's web page. Local 1867 represents about 50 Firefighters in the Fire Rescue Dept.
Some Information about the Department
The Fire/Rescue Department proudly protects 60,000+ citizens and operates out of five strategically located stations. The department is staffed by professional career firefighters and emergency medical personnel. Every Greenville firefighter and fire officer is a N.C. certified Emergency Medical Technician. The Greenville Fire/Rescue Department operates from 5 stations maintaining an average response time of 4.8 minutes. Rapid response, highly trained personnel, plus the availability of equipment and water-access combine to give Greenville an ISO fire rating of 3. The Department has 126 employees. At anytime there are 36 professional firefighters and EMS personnel on duty. These men and women are assigned to one of three battalions and work 24 hour shifts. This department is one of the few North Carolina Fire/Rescue Departments to provide Emergency Medical Service at a Paramedic Level. Greenville Fire/Rescue personnel train in a wide variety of classroom and practical application settings following guidelines suggested by the International Fire Service Training Association, the NC Department of Insurance Fire and Rescue Services Division, and the NC Office of Emergency Medical Services. Twenty-five instructors certified by the NC Fire Commission help provide training to shift personnel during regularly scheduled classes. Personnel can attend specialized training through various outside agencies including the National Fire Academy, the NC Fire College, the NC Rescue College, and the NC Fire Prevention School. Practical skills are routinely taught and reinforced through the use of the department's drill tower and smoke house facilities. On average, Fire/Rescue personnel spend 180 hours a year in training. The Fire/Rescue Technical Rescue Team provides rescue and recovery services in situations where the technical rigging of ropes and other specialized equipment might be required. The team consists of 21 members divided among 3 shifts and is available to respond 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The technical equipment used by the team is stored in a dedicated unit which can easily be transported to the emergency scene. Requests for the team's services come through the 911 dispatch system or at the request of the on-scene Incident Commander.
For the moment, Take a look around and enjoy the site. We hope you find it enjoyable and informative. It is still under construction.If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email us at the bottom of the page.
Greenville Professional Firefighters Association address, PO Box 8262, Greenville, NC 27834

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