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The GNCC is a concourse with 3 combines, the TIC, MAC and the NCCPC. This concourse consists of 15 clubs and 98 flyers. We expect to have about 80 active in Old Birds 2000. This concourse has strived to offer the best competition, sportsmanship and progressive growth. We have united half of the state of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Southside Virgina. This site is dedicated to the flyers past, present and future of the world.

GNCC Club Directory 1999 GNCC Races 1999 GNCC Loft Awards
GNCC Band Race Lou McElroy Memorial Futurity American Racing Pigeon Union
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NCCPC Backup Message Board GNCC Champion Bird Picture Customized Racing Pigeon Polo Tee Shirts
Freddy Thienpont 2000 Race Results 2000 Loft Awards
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