The Night After Christmas

Twas the night after Christmas, and all through the house,
Every creature was stirring, even the mouse.

Everyone was worried, some had a fright,
For Santa hadn't come at all last night.

Some said he was sick, others, his reindeer he lost.
Personally, I think he got a head full of Frost!

But if this is the case, be it ever so silly;
Why didn't he send his little son Willy?

I know he's not big, nor round like his dad.
But he can still do the job, and make the little kids glad.

People say Willy delivered the toys some years ago;
Could it be he's now stubborn, or just doesn't like snow?

According to them he's a good lttle boy,
Delivered everything, down to the last toy.

But wait! Did you hear what the radio had to say?
They said they found Santa, alive and well early today!

He's stuck in a chimney, and he's as mad as can be!
He said he's been there since quarter past three!

The story Santa told made everyone grin and then laugh!
Why, he laughed so hard he almost split himself in half!

It seems that the family, in that old house so neat;
Decided to leave Santa, a big, tasty treat!

They left him roast turkey, gravy, filling and fudge.
He sat down 'til he was finished, he didn't even budge.

He ate and he ate, until it was all gone;
Then he wanted to sleep, until it was dawn.

But he knew he had a job to finish that night,
He went to the chimney, whistled and started up all right.

Rudolph and the rest of the reindeer, high on the roof,
Heard him start up and then stop with an "OOF!!"

Santa knew that his tummy was no bowl full of jelly;
He was stuck in the chimney with a size 62 belly.

The reindeer all waited, and they started to talk;
About toys and games, about sidewalks and chalk.

They talked and they talked, they had quite a chat;
Until Rudolph thought, "I wonder where Santa is at!"

"Hush!" he said, "We have a problem up here!"
And it couldn't be solved by those little reindeer.

Santa had told them while he's gone not to roam.
"If I don't return here, you all can go home!"

After an hour or so and Santa wasn't back.
The reindeer decided he had gone to refill his sack.

So off they flew, straight to the North Pole.
And Santa was still stuck in that dark hole.

Ole Santa knew he was stuck in there tight.
That's where he stayed the rest of the night.

When the reindeer got back to their home in the snow;
They played reindeer games; they just didn't know.

But Mrs. Santa Claus wondered, "Why the empty sleigh?"
"Something is wrong," was all she could say.

Soon she got on the phone, she called 911.
"Santa is missing! You better come on the run!"

Just after dawn they found the old elf.
He was still stuck, but he laughed at himself!

They pulled and they pulled, and soon he was free;
To again deliver his toys, to you and to me!

So if some Christmas Santa misses you and gives you no toys;
Just go to your chimney, Look up, and listen for noise.

You just might hear Santa say with a grin,
"Merry Chrstmas to all! Ho, Ho Ho! I did it again!!"