Sir Daniel Of Almedia
Sheriff of Catawissa

Arrest Report

When I started this investigation there were very few clues and I had limited directions in which to take it. We all knew the obvious: After the defeat of the great, evil magician Leslie Warren and his sea serpent followers, the residents of Castle Bisset had a celebration. It was a typical celebration - or so we all thought.

After the celebration was well under way, Lord Shinzu, as was his way, decided to make sure the castle was secure. His wife, Lady Allie, was in a festive mood and decided to accompany him on his rounds. They were excused by King Paul and left the great hall.

This is all we knew for sure. Upon a very thorough investigation, the facts are in and here is what happened that night.

Pauline acquired her Purple Pearl when she was young. She never did say much about how she came by it except that she found it in a sea of light. After she died, the Purple Pearl was placed among Castle Bisset's other treasures.

On the night in question, Lord Shinzu came upon an unusual sight when they entered the lower chambers. The spirit of Pauline blocked their way and informed them that someone was after the Purple Pearl.

Lord Shinzu armed himself and enter the treasure room's antechamber. There he encountered a woman sipping wine. When challenged she identified herself as a friend and invited his Lordship to share in the wine. Suspicious, yet ever cordial, Lord Shinzu joined her for a toast. Lady Allie joined them and took a glass of wine after first removing one white glove.

Soon Lord Shinzu and Lady Allie started feeling dizzy. My Lordship started to withdraw his sword but found that he could not remove it from it's scabbard. He then attacked the mysterious woman using martial arts but succeeded only in colliding with the wall.

At that point, a yellow shroud covered Lord Shinzu and in an instant he disappeared. Lady Allie started to scream but a swift wave of one hand from the woman rendered her unable to utter a sound. The next instant, the yellow shroud covered Allie and she, too, disappeared.

The mysterious woman then caused two bluish mists to appear and they became identical forms of Lord Shinzu and Lady Allie. She placed them where they could be found by anyone who might search the antechamber. She then entered the treasure room by passing through the door and laid claim to Pauline's Purple Pearl.

With a shriek of triumph she and the pearl disappeared.

At that instant two things happened. One; the mysterious woman was transported to a remote castle in northern France near St. Maio. There she revealed herself to Lord Shinzu who was imprisoned there.

Two; Lady Allie was transported to the same place but was time placed 500 years in the future.

According to Lord Shinzu, the mysterious lady revealed herself to him only as Lorena du Lena. She interrogated him as to the defenses and personnel of Castle Bisset. She seemed particularly interest in Sir Joseph, the Dragon Knight.

Of course, Lord Shinzu gave her no usable information during the entire time of his capture despite many types of forces used on him. He remained adamant that he would say nothing until he knew of the whereabouts and safety of Lady Allie. He was never assured of this and thus revealed nothing.

Meanwhile, Lady Allie had problems of her own. She had been time-teleported to the year 2001. Unable to speak, she could not communicate to the local residents of what had happened to her.

Not speaking French, she could not understand what she was being told. A caring older couple took her in until the authorities of St. Maio could decide what to do with her. They lived just outside of town in a remote, refurbished castle. For some strange reason she felt comfortable there.

But she had spells cast upon her which she could not understand. While not able to speak she felt that she could write to communicate. Alas, whenever she tried to write, a strange force took over her hand and she could only write in French, which she could not read.

In an attempt to help her communicate, the elderly couple introduced her to some local young people. They, in turn, had the idea that they could help her by introducing her to something called "L'Internet".

She was given a grayish plate which had the English alphabet on it along with other symbols. They showed her that if she touched the letters, they would appear on some type of magic box in front of her.

Lady Allie tried this, but everything she tried to write came out in perfect French. She would not be put off by this thing. She touched the letters of a plea for help and signed her name. She noticed that her name, too, was in French.

She soon discovered that she could write to people around the world with this device. Surely, someone would be able to help her. She was shown how to get "addresses" and how to send out messages. She wrote note after note, not really knowing what she was saying, if anything at all.

She got a few responses but, alas, they were also in French and she could not read them. She was alone surrounded by the world.

Suddenly she noticed something, her name was not really French but was her nickname (Allie, Sea Angel) only it was written backwards - Eilla le G'naaes!!

She began a daily response to a quiz where she was, somehow, able to identify very detailed drawings of people she did not know. She saw her name posted backwards each day but, alas, no one recognized it.

I shall not bore you with the details of a very thorough investigation so here are the highlights.

I first had a secret meeting with my brother, Sir Joseph. I inform him that I wanted to eventually make him the prime suspect so that I could throw the real culprit off guard. This he agreed to and led to the capture of the thief.

Next, I required every resident to establish an alibi for the night of the crime. Most residents did this in order to clear themselves. A close look at the alibis and the crime scene led me to believe it was committed by someone outside the castle.

The two bodies that were found (and were supposed to be Lord Shinzu and Lady Allie) were being carried across the courtyard for a more thorough examination when the supernatural took over. A strange light coming from a flying craft came down and enveloped the bodies. They then turned into a blue mist and were carried into this unidentified flying craft. When they were inside, the light was turned off and the craft flew away at an amazing speed and was soon out of sight above our heads.

It was not long after that incident that I was given cause to shift my investigation to the country of France. While this is not normally what I would do, fearing retribution from the French, I was left with no alternative.

The occasion for my being in France was brought about by the Dark Prince Enigma. In the course of my interrogating him, he informed me of powers he had that may be of help to the investigation. He stated that he was in mental contact with Lord Shinzu. He told me of the castle near St. Moie and that the Lord Shinzu was being held captive there by mystical forces.

That explained how anyone could get the best of such a skilled fighter as Lord Shinzu without killing him. To this point I had feared that he and Lady Allie might be dead.

I then had a conference with the Prince and Sir Joseph. They teamed together and, over the next week, taught me how to use simple magic that could overcome our adversary. They had tried to convince me to allow them to go with me to France, but ultimately we agreed that too many Englanders in that area might tip off the culprit. I was soon ready to set sail for the coast of France.

With the help of two local farmers I was able to easily locate the castle where Lord Shinzu was being held captive. As I neared the castle grounds I recited the chant of invisibility which I had learned from Sir Joseph. Then I waited for the castle gate to open and simply walked in.

After a search of the lower chambers and three towers, I finally located the room where his Lordship was being held captive. A woman and two fierce-looking guards were standing over him and obviously questioning him. I waited for better than an hour before the door opened and a servant was beckoned. I quietly slipped inside as the servant entered.

As the woman was giving instructions I went to Lord Shinzu and whispered to him that I was there. He nodded slightly signifying that he had heard and understood. He whispered that the woman had some magical powers but was not very strong in them. He said she knew very few incantations but some of them were effective.

When I asked where Lady Allie was, he informed me of the time-teleportation. The fact that Lady Allie had to be brought back to our time shed a whole new light on things. I had to restrain the woman in such a way as to allow her to bring her Ladyship back to our time.

Shortly the servant departed and in due time returned with an array of whips, thumb-screws and other torture devices. I had arrived just as she was about to bring her interrogation methods to a new level. She dismissed the servant and the two guards and turned to Lord Shinzu with an almost sweet smile. Obviously she enjoyed what she now planned to do.

"Since you won't cooperate on a civilized basis, maybe some of my little friends will convince you to be more understanding."

Lord Shinzu faced her eye-to-eye and asked why she was so interested in Castle Bisset. If she wanted to rob the treasury she already had the chance and only took Pauline's Pearl.

"I have no interest in Castle Bisset. I only wish to see Sir Joseph as dead as my brother, the great Leslie Warren, is now. As for the Pearl, it was a gift to me from other worldly creatures that Leslie was dealing with before he was killed. I merely wanted back what is rightfully mine."

That news settled a lot of questions in my mind and it was now time to act. In my most authoritative voice, I said, "Woman, be restrained," and pointed crossed fingers at her as I had been taught.

Instantly she froze in place before she could react. I then proceeded to make myself visible. Lord Shinzu, couldn't restrain himself. "Sheriff Daniel! You are a most welcome sight in this castle of evil. We must get out of here but I won't go without Lady Allie."

I informed him that I knew of nothing that could force the woman to bring Allie back.

"Well I do!" He walked over to her and placed two fingers on the side of her neck. "Either she brings my Lady back to me or she dies a very painful death. Unfreeze her."

I gave the chant and she immediately screamed in pain. Lord Shinzu let up on the pressure a bit and and shouted, "Be quiet, you hag! Now bring Lady Allie back or you will suffer as you have never suffered before."

With a look of horror and pain the woman brought Allie back from the future. "Now," Lord Shinzu said," restrain this woman before I apply some of her little "friends" to her.

After I did as requested he gave Lady Allie a long, loving kiss. I waited as long as I could before interrupting their reunion.

"We'd better get going because I'm not sure how long that spell will hold her."

With that, we bounder her with withers and took our prisoner out of the castle. No one tried to stop us out of fear of hurting their mistress. When we were a ways down the road, I remembered Pauline's Pearl. "I guess that's one thing we'll have to leave behind."

"Not so!" stated Lord Shinzu. "I found it on her when we searched her." He reached into his pocket and withdrew the precious purple pearl.

At the sight of the pearl, Lorena du Lena's eyes narrowed and she said, "You'll never get it back to England nor me, either. Canno uptoll breen!! Canno uptoll breen!!"

At those words a shaft of brilliant purple light came down from the heavens and enveloped Lorena and another focused on the purple pearl. She and the pearl faded from view and the shafts of light withdrew upwards.

We stood there; too amazed at what had just happened to even speak. After a few moments, I managed to get us going again. We reached England without further incident.

That, dear friends, is how we came to return without a prisoner or Pauline's Purple Pearl. I am still not completely convinced that we were dealing with aliens from other worlds, but one never knows for sure.

Sir Daniel of Almedia
Sheriff of Catawissa