Sir Daniel Of Almedia
Sheriff of Catawissa

The following residents of Castle Bisset have been cleared and are NO LONGER suspects in this investigation.

  • Dark Prince Enigma
    Despite the Prince's attitude during my interview with him, The Dark Prince seems to have been in the company of Princess Tara the entire evening. She has confirmed this so he is no longer suspect

  • Lady Helen of Wackonia
  • Lady Jean E. Rose - Keeper of the Royal Roses
    Sir Jeffrey has come forward to vouch as to the whereabouts of these two ladies.

  • Maiden Kay - Serving Wench
    Cleared by Ann the Hash Slinger. Ann stated that she kept her very busy all evening.

  • Mad Janet - Royal Turnkey
    Has proven that she spent the evening with her husband and a couple of guards playing dice games.

  • Ryan - Earl of Waters - Prince of the Sea Angels
    It seems that this lad is only three and a half years old. For that reason he has been eliminated as a suspect in possibly helping his parents (IF indeed they are not kidnapped).

    The following people ARE SUSPECTS (in order of prominence).

    1. Eilla le G'naaes
      This lady has proven to be a mystery. I cannot locate her home providence of Amabala to check into her background. I have gotten her address for my brother (actually, I saw it on his personal table and memorized it). I have emailed her and found it to be valid but, as you can see, she is mysterious and elusive to me. Maybe, you could write her and help me with my investigation. (Cloaked Image)

    2. Lady Allie - Queen of the Sea Angels
      Lady Allie is missing and, as she is not dead, must be considered suspect. The single glove found at the scene of the crime has proven to be hers.

    3. Lord Shinzu - Chief Captain of the Army - Captain of Weapons and Martial Arts
      Must also be considered in his own "kidnapping(?)". Possibly the Master Mind.

    4. Sir Joseph of Almedia - The Dragon Knight - Protector of the Realm
      Even though he is my brother, blood must be kept out of this. As of yet, he has offered no alibi whatsoever.

    I feel that at least one of these people knows the full story of the Missing Knight and his Lady. Also, what happened to the two bodies found at the crime scene.

    I will continue this investigation without pause.

    Sir Daniel of Almedia
    Sheriff of Catawissa