Sir Daniel Of Almedia
Sheriff of Catawissa

The following residents of Castle Bisset and are NOT suspects in this investigation.

  • Matron Queen Mom of Castle Bisset

  • Queen Suzanne

  • Lady Laura of Buckhorn

  • Princess Tara

  • Lady Jain of Catawissa

  • Lady Ruthellyn - Castle Scribe/Historian

  • Lady Joycelyn of Bath-Avon and Cymbry - Minister of the Home Front

  • Shari of the House of Payne - Royal Charioteer of Castle Bisset, in residence

  • Duchess Sandra - Chamberlain

  • Lady Regalia of Castle Bisset

  • Lady Katey - Healer of Youngshire - Castle Bisset Healer

  • Sue of Family Morton - Lady-In-Waiting

  • Lady Jennifer of the House of Monroe - aka Heavenly Eyes

  • Princess Jess of Fantasyland - (Visiting Royalty)

  • Ladyy Lisa - Matron of the Ladies in Waiting

  • Lady Robbie - Bardette

  • Queen Jansi og Gromleigh - (Distinguished German Visitor) - Roaming Goodwill Ambassador to the Outer Realms

  • Countess Aurelia of Muntershire, Indiana - Captain of Vampire Night Fliers

  • Lady Nola of the House of Ridley- Keeper of Castle Bisset Library: Tomes, Belles'-lettres, Lettres

  • Ann of Castle Bisset - Castle Hash Slinger

  • Marlene of Castle Bisset - Royal Court Barrister-Advocate

  • Lady Bethe of Tampa

  • Lady Lucy

  • King Paul I

  • Metalhead Steve - Prince of Metal

  • Friar Dafyd - The Pope of Palmerton

  • Sir Jeffrey - The Chess Knight

  • Lord Larry - Dungeonmaster and Castle Keep

  • Ted of Castle Bisset - Wheelwright

  • Sir Ryan of the House of Dallendach - Tech Communications Director

  • Sir Rickey

    The following people ARE SUSPECTS (in order of prominence).

    1. Dark Prince Enigma
      When asked to provide his whereabouts on the night in question, the Dark Prince gave not facts but rather became insulted and threatening.

    2. Eilla le G'naaes
      Although Eilla le G'naaes has just become a resident of Castle Bisset, I have a gut feeling that there is something mysterious, possibly sinister, about her.

    3. Lady Allie - Queen of the Sea Angels
      Lady Allie is missing and, as she is not dead, must be considered suspect. The single glove found at the scene of the crime has proven to be hers.

    4. Lord Shinzu - Chief Captain of the Army - Captain of Weapons and Martial Arts
      Must also be considered in his own "kidnapping(?)". Possibly the Master Mind.

    5. Sir Joseph of Almedia - The Dragon Knight - Protector of the Realm
      Even though he is my brother, blood must be kept out of this. As of yet, he has offered no alibi whatsoever.

    6. Lady Helen of Wackonia
      This blond acts kind of dizzy; possibly a cover for a brilliant, scheming mind. She has shown signs of great intelligence at times.

    7. Lady Jean E. Rose - Keeper of the Royal Roses
      This lady puts on an air of superiority but lacks the intelligence to make it seem legitimate.

    8. Maiden Kay - Serving Wench
      A lovely lass that has the ability to move throughout the castle without being noticed.

    9. Mad Janet - Royal Turnkey
      What can I say about Janet that everyone does not know. She is intelligent but hides the fact and is capable of almost anything.

    10. Ryan - Earl of Waters - Prince of the Sea Angels
      While this lad seems innocent, he is fully capable of assisting with his parents caper.

    The presence of the three wine goblets suggests that at least three people are involved. I doubt, if Lord Shinzu and Lady Allie were really kidnapped, that they would raise a toast with said kidnappers.

    Finally, a very mysterious happening. The two bodies that were supposed to be Lord Shinzu and Lady Allie have disappeared. There were under lock and key in the dungeon and I possess the only key, yet, the bodies are gone.

    I will continue this investigation without pause.