I have completed the first phase of my investigation. I have found out much of what I expected but I had a couple surprises. Here are the facts as I see them:

  1. Two dead bodies; one male, one female
  2. One white glove
  3. Numerous scuff marks on crime scene walls and floor
  4. Three dirty wine goblets

At this point I need your help. I would like each resident of Castle to read the following communications. You may wish to use a pencil and paper. If you see any discrepencies in the facts presented please let me know via Sir Joseph.

Sir Daniel

Oh Sir Daniel.....It was not Blondie.....I have been trying to entertain you at the castle.....I wanted it to be a surprise.....Now that you have poor wittle me as a suspect I will show you......

I have my answer to where I was when the gems were taken. I was practicing for Sir Joseph and Lady Laura and all royal guests.

Here I am entertaining you. I am on the drums.

http://mygetaway.homestead.com/files/concert .htm

You may have to hit Cmd R for the page of my surprise for you.....Sometimes I have to go in and out of the page for it to come up.......I am the drummer and the rest is some of the other castle members...We want to show our appreciation for the hard work you do...... I am not a suspect......

The Blonde drummer and owner of the band called Tiger Girls.
Norma in Illinois

Dear Sir Joseph.

Has there been a through investigation in these deaths?

I think there must be a case of mistaken idenity or there is someone impersonating Lady Allie.

I have been in contact with Lady Allie all week..in fact just a few minutes ago. Maybe the bodies were someone else and Sir Dave and Allie have the gem and has gone undercover to protect their son and do some secret investigation.

I certainly hope this is the case for these wonderful people.



Perhaps I Will Inform You Of My Whereabouts......Or Better Yet Perhaps I Shall Rend Your Soul And Cast It Into The Netherworld!!

My Choice Shall Be Forthcoming.

Your Dark Lord,

I, Lady Laura was being entertained by some of her loyal subjects at the time of the robbery and murders. I have lots of whitnesses to where I was at during this time of events.

Lady Laura

I have an solid alibi!!!!!!!!

I was on the front line leading my troops into battle.

Sir Jeffrey, the Chess Knight

My Dear Sir Daniel:

I have delved into the knowledges contained in Castle Bisset Library and I have been in meditation. I have consequently been given a WORD. BEING instructed, I, in accordance, contacted the very real Spirit of our dear Sea Angel, Lady Allie. She and her brave husband, Lord Shinzu, are in good SPIRIT. The DIVINE WORD is to not be concerned. They both are hovering about and will make their presence known at the proper moment.

This is of much comfort. I thank our GOD for this WORD.

Additionally, I receive much comfort that we have her memory in the existence of her Room at Castle Bisset. I visit this often, in prayer and meditation.

Lady Nola of the House of Ridley, Castle Bisset Resident; Keeper of Castle Bisset Library.

I was taking care of your Royal Dogs in your kennels.

Valerie in Pennsylvania

We are not used to being questioned in this manner but since you seem to feel you must know our activites, I will be happy to try to enlighten you. During the time of the battle, the Whisper Kitty and I were about the castle. Part of the day we spent with the other ladies, but when Whisper had had her fill of fish and milk we retired to our quarters for peace and quiet. We remained in our quarters a goodly part of the afternoon, only emerging later to wander down to find tidbits to nibble on. We also spent near an hour in the gardens enjoying the moonlight and thinking of a certain King many days ride to the west of us here. I'm sure you aren't interested in my discussion with Whisper on that subject so I will disregard that part of the evening. We returned to our quarters for the evening when the night chill became too much. I do know Whisper Avion was very pleased to be back in our own sanctuary as with the increased activity around the castle of late her long fluffy tail had been in great peril.

There were noises out in the corridor around midnight but I felt no need to investigate as the activity level of the castle had been extremely high. There were sounds of a heated discussion between a lady and a man, but as I prefer not to meddle in the affairs of others on that level I simply tried to ignore them and find comfort in my bed with my pillows and Whisper at my feet.

The following morning we rose late and slipped into the kitchen to find something to keep Whisper content along with myself. There were a few of the kitchen help about but no conversation was engaged in. We retired to the library for the afternoon to read and joined the victory festivities later in the evening. As our thoughts were firmly lodged in a distant land, we didn't remain at the celebration for the entire evening but once again retired to our chambers. Once again that night there was the sounds of an argument outside our doors. This time I did peek out but only saw the figures of a man and woman 30 feet or more down the hallway arguing. They apparently sensed me watching as they soon left our area still arguing.

Whisper and I do hope this has been of some assistance to you in your quest.

Lady Helen (aka Lady Paz) and the Whisper Avion

I was home but not online....I was playing my super nintendo and thats the truth. I don't know anything else. But I don't take anything thats not mine with out asking first. But I am in NC and have been here at home.......with my kids and boyfriend.

Wreatha in North Carolina

It would have been almosyt impossible for me to have anything to do with the pearl's disappearance. I was being tested for, and having the results confirmed positive, for hypoglycemia. Also, my 12 y.o. was a victim of sexual harassment, so I was busy with the educational board. (It has NOT been a very good couple of weeks.)

Those are the closest things to alibi's that I can provide.

Hmmmmm... So did I, or didn't I???

Lady Robbie

Dear Lady Joyce..Re: Alibi:

Beware your claiming your position in politics at home, especially, as an excuse as not possibly being involved in a crime with potentially intenational implications. If Pauline's Purple Pearl is in any way claimed to be a possesion of Athens..the great "Unwashed" masses may look with a dubious eye toward a politician who was "Too busy with home matters" to possibly be suspected!

We, here, in Youngstown..er Youngshire, have a home boy Congressman indicted this week, by the Feds. No, best by far, since a murder took place of our Head Military Man, Lord Shinsu et al, that you surround yourself with neutral, non partisan folk. (Get an alibi, FAST!) Say you were discussing the layout of the Rose Gardens with Jean E. or the food delicacies prepared by Ann the Hash Slinger..best you, as a Cabinet Minister be, like Caesar's Wife, above reproach. Perhaps you were seen playing the accordian at the time of the polka dance???

Ruthellyn, Duchess de Barry
Castle Scribe/Historian

Lady Joyce

In response to thy plea for a "good" alibi":

Aye..tis true, I fear.but politicians seem to be regarded with an eye that can only be called "jaundiced" even gentle souls such as The Minister of The Home Front....so, in keeping with thy request, I, and my cohorts, shalt provide thee with an unshakable story. If possible. Too bad Major Aurelia flew off..we could perchance place the eye of suspicion upon her?? No, a war hero..No-no. We shall henceforth endeavor to absolve thee from blame.

Canst thou help a bit?? Dost thou play a hap or mouth organ? Wert thou in public?? Or did thee suffer from the "vapors" again and wast thou reclining alone in thy chambers?? Tsk Tsk..A difficult task lies ahead! We need not an international scandal!!

Needless-to-say, I am working on my own..as me thinks the German warrier Georg is related to my cousin Geog Michal Hollenbach, son of Johannes 2, and Grandson of Johannes 1 and Apolonia. At the time, I was discussing relationships with him, (I even "borrowed" his cell phone) but I fear this tale not to hold water since he hast departed yon castle walls. I shall need an alibi this side of the moat.

As we fear the dungeon, and the turnkey, and Mad Janet etc., not to mention yon rack or guillotine, we must have our stories tight..so as they shall hold water and not leak under pressure of the feared sheriff.

Ruthellyn, Duchess de Barry
Castle Bisset Scribe/Historian

To Sir Daniel, Sheriff of Catawissa. My Pardon My Lord,for taking so long to give thee my whereabouts on the night the Purple Pearl was stolen from Castle Bisset. In truth Sire, according to the Battle report I was leading the group ''with my voice raised. in singing fine patriotic Welsh songs..to spur on the battle so as to boost their moral in defending Castle Bisset. And was seen by many of The ladies.


Re: (Report by Historian Scribe, Duchess de Barry)


Inside the walls, the populace of the Castle were keeping spirits high. Lady Jocelyn, Minister of The Home Front was "Keeping the Home Fires Burning" ... literally, and by leading the singing, in her fine Welsh voice of patriotic songs!

Snacks were still plentiful and prepared, seemingly, without end, by Ann, and served by Maiden Kay. Of course, Friar Daffyd was praying for all; warriors and populace in the Castle. He offered Communion to those desiring it, and blessed all, humans and dragons alike. Also, Katey the Healer was ready to go.

Lady Jocelyn, Minister of The Home front from the Roman City of Aqaue Sulis''to be known in the Future'' as (Bath) in the Country of Great Britain.

Ruth..you can use me as a witness to you flrting with the German Werner. Say I teased you about it..or just say you and I talked...whatever!?

~ Lady Joyce~

Very well...The German warrior, Werner, and I were "an item"..I must think of a nice love story. Of course, I was just using him to get at the device that my "sister" Queen Jansi had been selfish about. It would have been ideal, with the Pigeon Express reporter waiting for updates to send flying off..had I been juiced up...

Good night, Lady Ruthellyn

My alibi for times of Theft and murder?? Well, Werner von Braunheim and I had met in the corridors outside the ballroom. Lady Jocelyn spied upon us there as we spooned and crooned..(I was really talking him out of the cell phones Jan-si had kept from me.)

Also, he turned out to be a comrade in arms of my kinfolk, Johannes Hollenbach, so the situation required a bit of tact as well.

Still, with he as a commoner, and I, a Duchess, I felt it a bit beneath me to waste my charms on such as he...Neer-the-less, my lips promised a bit more than ever was granted and I obtained the use of one cell phone, the other being outside the walls. The reporter from Pigeon Express had already borrowed it from the other German whilst he wast in his "cups". Pigeons were set to fly off all over the outer realms with news of the battle..but horrors! There was nary a currant bush to be found by me! I was not charged up! (The cell phone later was retrieved from the moat..)

I had no motive, means, or opportunity to kill poor Shinzu and wife, and as for The Purple Pearl, I had declined it upon death of Pauline, as the insurance was too dear. True, Lady Jocelyn and I giggle over the gullibility of Herr Werner, but Piffle! Actually, I netted naught for all my efforts!

Lady Ruthellyn, Scribe

Subject: --RE Your Alibi

No..Joe will laugh at our finangling...He did at my earlier attemot to forbid Elaine permission to flee the country..No dungeons for us for merely polishing my tale..(I still think her departure looks fishy...)

After all, you DID see me, your Welsh with a tad English cousin, attempting to woo a GERMAN..you teased and warned me about him..and helped me banish him with his tail between his legs...dragging his centaur behind him..Queen Jansi wil need to provide therapy for both he knights AND Clute, her Centaur..I think Clute misses his mistress.

I think I'll probably join you at the celebration with my book on ancient folk songs, delighting all there, especially my rendition of Queen Isabella and The Elfin Knight, which YOU can sing.....And Werner will have departed with his kegs of cola and English beer as well as the wet, non-working cell phones..(Were thrown by guess whom into the moat??)

They would not dare put us in the dungeons! My off-key singing would drive them nuts. Your war stories of the future V-2 Rocket would scare them to death..and finally, Princess Pauline, the Royal Ghost, was/is my personal friend...actually invited to Castle Bisset by me..SO she can make life miserable for ANY dungeon master, turnkey or mad Janet etc! And, she particularly would like to frighten the pants off Sir Daniel..the Sheriff! IF it was her Purple Pearl..I am automatically innocent, as I have seen one with her all my life and had never attempted to even borrow it..in fact, I could have rec'd hers upon her death but declined it.....As for killing Lord Shinsu..I had no motive, means, oppotunity--I was "occupied" elsewhere, , nor could I, in my physical state have bushwhacked a Black Belt..Nay, not even my little grandbaby!!

I've come aways with my alibi..But glad you saw me there, in the hall, with Werner. (Glad I need not provide sordid details...) No, Sir Joseph will accept my alibi, as I am needed for my jounalistic and editing abilities, and I AM known as a patriot, see Battle Report, despite my eccentric, somewhat theatrical tendicies..and weakness for technology and tall, blonde warriors...

Thank you, dear Cousin, for your help, and fear not, all we did was remind each other that you were aware of my secret tryst at that time.

Love, your reckless kinwoman..
Good night, Ruthellyn

Where was I?

In trying to recontruct the events of that night, I walked along the same passageway...hoping some clue would come to mind.

When I had first left the ballroom, I had spied Lady Ruthellyn and her companion, as a lady I can not say whom she was with.

They were in deep conversation and probably do not realize that I had seen them.

I continued along the passageway towards my quarters and spied a few other residents also engaged in conversation, or more aptly put, "billing and cooing".

At no time did I see anyone behaving in a secretive manner indicative of misbehavior. I continued on toward my quarters and saw nothing else. I'm sorry I can not be of any assistance in solving this crime.

Your loyal servant,
Katey the healer of Youngshire.

Did anyone at all see THEE?? Wert thou present at the clnic, or the dance? Merely waking, unseen, makes thee highly suspect, I fear dear Healer!

I pray thee find a witness to thy "strolling" the corridors when Lord Shinsu and wife were killed there, and the Purple Pearl purloined. I strongly suggest you think hard on your activites of yon night in question, lest thee find thyself forever entombed in the bowels of the dungeon by the turnkey and tormented by Mad Janet!

Art thou SURE thee wast alone??? Didst thou ask others if they hadst seen thee spying on their affairs of the heart??? Perchance, by a miracle, ye have a secret admirer thyself?? Hoping thou hast a witness to thy innocence:

Suspiciously, Ruthellyn,
Castle Scribe/Historian

Alas most worthy scribe.

While your mission in life is to write what is happening in our life, mine is to save lives.

Never would I be a party in the taking of another's life.

Be that as it may, whether I was alone or not shall remain in question. If you did not see me pass by you, how then could others who were engaged in the same activities.

As a healer we move with silence and grace, walking swiftly and quietly among our needy. I continue to move that way, where ever I may be.

And as a final note, I would not want to endanger someones status in the castle. I shall go to the dungeon with my lips sealed. The memories of that night and my liasion shall go with me, sealed forever.

Most humbe servant,
Katey the healer of youngshire

Dear Worthy Katey-Healer..I think I have heard rumors, that perchance thou wert with Friar Daffyd, who blessed thy activities, and noble ladies involved with transporting life of a different type deep into the bowels of the castle. Is it not true, that thee were charged with the health of the tiny serpent egg?? As it hast turned out very well, I think you could reveal your role? If such be true...thus saving thyself from the dungeons.

Duchess Ruthellyn,
Castle Scribe/Historian

There you have it! You may now submit your suspicions/suspects to me via Sir Joseph. Thank you for your help.

Sir Daniel of Almedia
Sheriff of Catawissa