My dear Barrister-Advocate, Marlene of Castle Bisset:And Residents)

I, Lady Nola, am peaceloving and prefer to stay in the Castle Library behind the heavy, unpenetrable door; Those warriors, experienced and ready, are destined to be in the fore. Will let these Royal and Loyal Castle Bisset male residents do the battle; I will to at this time claim the "frailty" of my gender...don't want my nerves to rattle!!! No Joan of Arc am I: To the Library I do fly!!!

It just occurred to me that the Castle Bisset Library includes a Law Library; In this sectiion, I am sure you often abide, .....Thusly, this is an invitation to meet you in the Reading Room for a political visit: Accompanied by a mug of jolly red wine from the Castle Vineyards' vessel; Scones from the pantry, served by our Royal Kitchen Maiden Kay, a baker's dozen laden on the cast iron trivet.

Pray thee, dear friend;
Respond, thee will to attend.

Respectfully, Love, Lady Nola of the House of Ridley Etc. Keeper of Castle Bisset Library.


I, Marlene, Barrister-Advocate of Castle Bisset being of sound mind and body (well maybe not so sound of body) do solemnly aver that:

WHEREAS, your servant has spent a lifetime as a peacemaker and is herself a peace-loving citizen; and

WHEREAS, your servant has no temperament for battle; and

WHEREAS, your servant is sworn to uphold the laws of this great realm; that UNTIL such time as Parliament and the House of Lords approve... I must abstain from battle.

FURTHERMORE my Lord, your servant accepts the invitation of Nola, Keeper of the Castle Library, to join her behind the heavy, unpenetrable door in the Reading Room of the Castle Bisset Royal Library for a political meeting in an attempt to change the tide of the war-mongering citizenry of this royal realm. Those warriors, experienced and ready, may destined to be in the fore but your servant is unable to join the battle. Your servant is committed to Peace.

THEREFORE, be it known to my Lord and to all residents that by this presence your servant demurs.

Sworn and subscribed
Notarized and Dated

/s/ Marlene of Castle Bisset Barrister-Advocate