To Sir Joseph of Almedia, The Dragon Knight, etc etc...

Note herein Copy of the Invitation to Marlene Barrister-Advocate of Castle Bisset, which I, Nola of The House of Ridley, Keeper of Castle Bisset Library presented the tenth day, month of March, year of our Lord Fifteen Hundred and One..

Duly note that Marlene, Royal Barrister-Advocate has accepted this Invitation per her delivered AFFIDAVIT to your quarters, Document being dated this tenth day, month of March, year of our Lord ONE THOUSAND Five Hundred AND ONE.

Be advised of my like Peaceful Stand in re to Battle;

Be advised that this political meeting is of peaceful nature and in no way represents Revolutionary tactics or any form of uprising against the Royal Realm of Castle Bisset.

I, Nola, remain your humble servant, my Lord Sir Joseph.

Respectfully, Affirmed,
Lady Nola of the House of Ridley