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With great haste, we arrived in the great hall only to find Puff surrounded by ladies, sipping on herbal tea, and enjoying himself immensely. "I thought to myself, "This is the great Puff? Maybe they should call him "Creampuff"!"

As the ladies noticed our entrance, they parted a path to Puff, and Marlene stepped forward, saying proudly: "Sir Joseph, allow me to introduce you to Puff, the Magic Dragon!"

"Puff, this is Sir Joseph, the Dragon Knight." (Obviously, Puff was a Powder Puff in the eyes of the ladies!!) Yes, they considered him a real sweetheart much like a son.

Reagally, Puff gave his teacup to Lady Robbie and rising gracefully to his full height softly said: "Sir Joseph! 'Tis my honour to meet the slayer of the sea serpent Mooagala. The cause of this bit of a ruckus!"

"Nay! The honor be mine, Sir, to meet the great and mighty Puff! We thought ye to be dead!"

"So I have heard from these fair ladies! In reality, I did have a bit of a time with a serpent, but I convinced him to take me to Merga, one of the serpent leaders."

Thinking, "Hmmm??", I looked at Puff in a quizzical manner and asked, "Pray tell why a dragon would want to go into the midst of the sea serpents?"

Rather arrogantly, he looked at me as if I were a child, "To arrange a peace conference, of course. Which I did. Merga and his entourage will be ouside your walls shortly under a flag of truce."

Naturally, I was very suspicious. Why would a sea serpent want peace when he came all this way to destroy? Of course, I smelled a trap, and decided to forestall it.

"Good and kindly Puff, I pray you forget about these "peace talks" lest ye be trapped and killed in truth. Besides, we have no peace negotiators."

At this, Marlene chimed in, "We ladies, are skilled in the art and with Puff's protection, we can avert a bloodbath."

Being a man of war, I wanted to get ready for the battle, so I conceded. "Well ... very well, but at the hint of and danger get ye back into the castle immediately. At that comment Puff, Marlene and her Ladies (Lady Robbie, Lady Nola, Marie, and Shirley) retired to a corner of the great hall and began talking, all at one time!

Sir Ricky turned to me. "How can you let them go, just like that?" he said as he snapped his fingers.

Smugly, I replied, "With Puff behind them, they are in no great danger. His magic is very powerful and I think he can take care of them. You had better send for Katey, the Healer, and have her stand by. Just in case! You never know."

After about ten minutes the peace envoy retired to the library. Just before dawn I received two communications:

(Please note: The Following Legal Documents Are included As Necessary For Understanding The Process Which Brought Peace.)

From Lady Nola.

From Marlene of Castle Bisset, Barrister-Advocate.

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