I first met Glymph after I saved his life and the lives of his brother and his father, Glymph the elder.

One summer's day, I was walking along the beach when I came across the carcass of a dragon lying on it's side appearing for all the world to be dead. Assuming too much, as was my usual way in the days of my youth I bravely poked it with my sword between two giant scales. The dragon came to life and spat it's firey breath in my direction.

"Who dares to draw a sword against the mighty Glymph, warrior dragon?" he roared! Falling backward, I was amazed at how large a mature, adult dragon really was. Rising to full height he stood nearly 30 feet tall! His colors flashed in the afternoon sun. Brilliant red on his head faded to a silver-green on his neck, back, wings, and tail. A creamy yellow bathed his chest and belly.

I bravely found my voice and tried to use all my bravado, "It is I, Sir Joseph of Castle Bisset. I thought you were dead!"

He fiercely breathed fire, smoke and with a sulfurous roar retorted: "And what did you think you were going to do with that toothpick? Carve me up for supper? Can't you tell a dead dragon from a sleeping one? Leave me be, human! A sleeping dragon must not be disturbed!"

With a fiery snort, he moved down the beach to where there were two other dragons sleeping. In my fascination of seeing my first dragon, I had failed to see the other two. Glymph laid his huge body down beside these two and was soon fast asleep again. Relieved, I stood there, knees still a bit a'tremble, in amazement. Three dragons asleep on one beach!! I knew that dragons were solitary creatures, so seeing three at once was a momentous occurence!. Relaxing, more and more, I could not take my eyes off the dozing behemoths. Such power and grace bundled into three colorful mounds on the beach.

By chance, or was it by divine providence, I was still there almost an hour later when I heard the sea begin to boil and bubble directly offshore from the slumbering dragons. Out of the turbulent waters, an immense black head arose. The head was almost a third the size of the sleeping dragons. A sea serpent!! Oh, what a day to remember!! But, wait ... I had heard serpents do not treat mankind well ...

Truthfully, I had seen drawings of these beasts dragging down sailing ships but I always thought they were drawn out of proportion, larger than life. As this one came out of the water, I realized it really could pull a sea vessel under if it so chose. Right now, this one seemed to be concentrating on the three somnulant dragons. That sea serpent's horrific mouth kept opening and closing, revealing the largest teeth I had ever seen. Recoiling in horror, I watched with baited breath, as the monster moved.

Slowly, menacingly, the serpent kept coming farther out of the water toward the dragons. It was then that I realized its intent. It was going to kill the much smaller dragons, if not eat them!!! Daringly, I withdrew my sword and ran toward the dragons, shouting at the top of my lungs. But, alas, a human voice alone was not enough to stir a sleeping dragon. Of course, The serpent ignored the puny creature running towards him.

Desparately, not knowing what else to do, I charged the serpent, sword high in the air. If it would have paid attention to me for one second, I would have been dead. But that creature was intent on much larger quarry than I.

Thus distracted, I was able to approach the sea serpent. Foolhardy youth that I was, I took my sword and drove it to the hilt into the soft underbelly presented to me. This caused him to pause and then I had his attention. Rapidly gaining maturity, it was then that I realized that I did not want his full attention!!

Breathing hard, I had to think fast or else I was an hors d'oeuvre. Deafingly, the mighty serpent roared and thrust its gigantic head in my direction. In desparation, I pulled my sword out of it's underbelly and did the only thing I could think to do to save my life.

Like a mighty Olympian of old, I dove between the serpent's legs and aimed my sword where I thought its heart to be. With a single mighty, thrust, I drove the sword in as far as it would go. The serpent's head swung in my direction but I still had a trick up my sleeve. Being a magician, abeit of the third rate, I pulled off one of the few (very few, actually) things I could remember at the time. Just as the serpent's head was on me, I shouted! "Sword; power of lightning!"

Lightning flashed, and with a crack of thunder, I beheld, at that chant, the sword began to glow white-hot and then emitted an immense electrical charge. The sea serpent bellowed in rage and started to topple, then, Yes! To fall!! This poor youth, that I was, started to run lest I would be buried under the mountain of flesh that was coming down.

At the sound of the serpent's bellow, the three slumbering dragons awoke in time to see the serpent come crashing to the sand not far from them. Reacting by instinct, they took to the air and prepared for defense before they realized that their mortal enemy was indeed deceased.

Glymph the elder, flew down to me and hovered above my head with powerful wing flaps. "You did that?" he said, doubtfully, giving the serpent a blast of fire to make sure it was dead.

The two other dragons cautiously investigated the body. "I didn't realize there were any sea serpents in these waters." one said to Glymph.

He replied, "There's never been one in this bay before. They don't like coming into so shallow a body of water. I wish I knew what he was doing here. It is no longer safe for us to linger on this beach. Let us find an inland place to rest." Turning toward me, The Elder Glymph said, "I know of few humans who can slay a sea serpent. Without a doubt, we owe our lives to you. I shall not ask how it was done, but I shall reward you, as is The Dragons' Code, for saving my life and the life of my sons, Glymph the Younger and Bluuak. For a reward I shall bestow upon you the powers of all dragons. You shall be a mighy foe to an enemy! If you do not know how, you must learn to shape-shift into a dragon and you will then have dragon-sight, dragon-hearing, dragon-strength, and dragon-flight."

No longer a callow young fellow, having grown in stature mentally, as well as physically, I learned shape-shifting in short order and have henceforth been known as the Dragon Knight ever since.

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