Cartoons: CTI-CTT

Tick Tock Tuckered Porky Pig H57
Time On My Hands Betty Boop E17
(The) Time Toreador Porky Pig K75
Timid Tabby Tom & Jerry N31
Tire Trouble
September 2000
July 2004
May 2009
February 2018
Donald Duck E17
Tired And Feasthered Road Runner P40
To Duck Or Not To Duck Daffy Duck G35
To Itch His Own - O04
To Spring - C23
Toby Tortise Returns
December 2010
- G83
Tom Turk And Daffy
May 2010
Daffy Duck H31
Tom Turkey And His Harmonica Humdingers - F79
Tomorrow We Diet Goofy I72
Too Hop To Handle Hippety Hopper Q44
Too Weak To Work
June 2001
November 2018
Popeye F66
Toonerville Trolly - L53
Tops In The Big Top Popeye M15
Toreadorable Popeye K20
Tortilla Flaps Speedy Gonzales K82
Tortoise Wins By A Hare Bugs Bunny M16
Tots Of Fun Popeye P05
Touche And Go Pepe Le Pew L71
Touchdown Mickey Mickey Mouse C44
(The) Tour
June 2001
October 2019
- F99
Tour De Farce
July 1994
January 1999
February 2007
The Inspector 46
Toy Trouble Sniffles B92
Trail Of The Lonesome Pink
July 2001
May 2019
Pink Panther F87
Trailer Horn Chip N' Dale E70
Training Pigeons Betty Boop A40
Transylvania 6-5000 Bugs Bunny N94
Tree-Cornered Tweety Tweety N65
Tree For Two Sylvester M90
(The) Tree Surgeon - B14
(The) Trial Of Donald Duck Donald Duck A41
(The) Trial Of Mister Wolf
October 2004
- A110
Trick Or Tweety Tweety B15
Truant Officer Donald Donald Duck L40