Cartoons: CSO-CSZ

So Does The Automobile Betty Boop J68
Sock-A-Bye Baby
June 2001
May 2018
Popeye F34
Sock-A-Doodle-Do Foghorn Leghorn L91
Something To Crow About Deputy Dawg A54
Somewhere In Dreamland - H01
(A) Song A Day
May 1995
June 2001
July 2018
Betty Boop F39
(The) Sorcerer's Apprentice Exerpt Mickey Mouse 83
SOS Betty Boop J73
Soup Or Sonic Road Runner M36
Soup's On Donald Duck D41
(The) Sour Puss Porky Pig L79
Southern Fried Rabbit Bugs Bunny Q40
Spaced Out Bunny Bugs Bunny A64
Spare The Rod Donald Duck C43
Spark Plug Pink Pink Panther I34
Speedy Gonzales
July 2001
August 2019
Speedy Gonzales G04
Spike And Tyke Spike 1500
Spinach Overture Popeye I06
Spinach Packin' Popeye Popeye K93
(The) Spinach Roadster Popeye D32
Spinach vs. Hamburgers
August 2001
August 2019
Popeye G02
Spooky Swabs Popeye B52
Sport Champion - B47
Sports Cartoon: Ballooning
December 2010
- G82
Sports Cartoon: Bowling - F06
Sports Cartoon: Chess
April 2010
- G11
Sports Cartoon: Football - K37
Sports Cartoon: Ice Hockey - H66
Sports Cartoon: Skeet Shooting - L90
Sports Cartoon: Sky Diving - H72
Springtime For pluto Pluto D66
Sprinkle Me Pink
September 2000
August 2003
January 2007
February 2018
Pink Panther E11
Squatter's Rights Chip N' Dale C09
(A) Squeek In The Deep Speedy Gonzales M22, Q56
(The) Squawkin' Hawk - O26
Stage Fright - J37
(A) Star Is Bored Bugs Bunny C80
(The) Steeple Chase
June 2001
May 2019
Mickey Mouse F89
Stooge For A Mouse - ?
Stop! Look! And Hasten! Road Runner I77
Stop That Noise Betty Boop K33
Stopping The Show Betty Boop K03
Stork Naked Daffy Duck G38
Straight Shooters Donald Duck A63
Strange On The Range Hoot Kloot D03
Strangled Eggs Foghorn Leghorn N88
Streamlined Greta Green - 72
(A) Street Cat Named Sylvester Tweety O05
Strife With Father - E50
(The) Stupid Cupid Daffy Duck H04
Stupor Duck
July 1998
May 2001
April 2018
Daffy Duck F02
Sugar And Spies Road Runner L45
Super Rabbit Bugs Bunny B23
Superman Superman A64
Susie The Little Blue Coupe - L53
Swallow The Leader - J28
Swat The Fly
August 1994
June 1997
September 1998
January 1999
January 2007
Betty Boop 63
Swimmer Take All Popeye E51
Swing School
May 1995
September 1998
May 2001
May 2018
Betty Boop F16
Swing Shift Cinderella - B24
Swooner Crooner
December 2011
Porky Pig G64
Symphony In Slang
May 1994
May 2001
May 2018
- F21
Symphony In Spinach Popeye K21