Cartoons: CS-CSG

Saddle Silly
April 1994
May 2001
March 2018
- E83
(The) Saga Of Windwagon Smith - G66
Sahara Bunny Bugs Bunny I50
Sally Swing Betty Boop A64
Salmon Pink
June 2001
May 2019
Pink Panther F89
Sarah Madre's Gold Mine George Of The Jungle B22
Satan's Waitin' Tweety A64
Scalp Trouble Porky Pig M78
(The) Scared Crows Betty Boop C19
Scardy Cat Porky Pig A78
Scarlet Pumpernel Pink Panther O55
(The) Scarlet Pumpernickle Daffy Duck C92, N28
Scent-Imental Over You Pepe Le Pew J26
(A) Scent Of The Matterhorn Pepe Le Pew B15
Scrambled Aches Road Runner H05
Screen Song - B47
Screwball Squirrel Screwy Squirrel Q76
Screwy Truant - 70
Sea Salts
September 2000
August 2003
January 2007
February 2018
Donald Duck E16
Sea Scouts Donald Duck A62
Secret Agent Superman B68
Seeing Double Popeye A54
Self Control Donald Duck J05
Senor Droopy Droopy H40
Senorella And The Glass Huarachas - M14
September In The Rain - M12
Service With A Smile Betty Boop G09, J99