Cartoons: CR

Rabbit Every Monday Bugs Bunny N68
Rabbit Fire Bugs Bunny A47
Rabbit Hood Bugs Bunny M37
Rabbit Of Seville Bugs Bunny A64, M40, O12
Rabbit Punch
December 2011
Bugs Bunny 1
Rabbit Rampage Bugs Bunny M13
Rabbit Romeo Bugs Bunny M04
Rabbit Seasoning Bugs Bunny O54
Rabbit Stew And Rabbit, Too Bugs Bunny E37
Rabbit Transit Bugs Bunny B46
Rabbit's Feat Bugs Bunny N79
Rabbit's Kin Bugs Bunny M78
Racketeer Rabbit Bugs Bunny K30
(A) Rainy Day - K91
Rattled Rooster
May 2010
- H30
Raw! Raw! Rooster Foghorn Leghorn C41
Ready, Woolen, And Able - I63
Really Scent Pepe Le Pew O19
Red Hot Momma Betty Boop J24
Red Hot Ranger - 20
Reel Pink Pink Panther C17
Rescue Dog Pluto D36
Rhapsody In Rivets
April 1994
May 2001
October 2015
March 2018
- E48
(The) Riveter Donald Duck J64
Road Runner A Go-Go Road Runner O30
Robin Goodhood Rolland & Ratfink B69
Robin Hood Daffy Daffy Duck M74
Robin Hood Winked Popeye I05
Robot Rabbit Road Runner I15
Rock-A-Bye Bear Barney Bear I70
Rock-A-Bye Pinky Pink Panther I49
Rocket Squad Porky Pig L62
Rocket To Mars Popeye H80
Rodent To Stardom
August 1997
May 2010
Speedy Gonzales H24
Rodeo Romeo Popeye E51
Roger Rabbit Roger Rabbit J72
Roman Legion-Hare Bugs Bunny C23
Romeo Rabbit Bugs Bunny D09
Rookie Bear - B54
Rookie Revue - I19
Rough Bunch Ant & Aardvark L96
Roughly Speaking - N78
Rover's Rival Porky Pig L14
(The) Royal Four-Flusher
December 2011
Popeye G58
Rudy Valli Melodies
January 1996
June 1996
August 2001
May 2010
June 2019
Betty Boop G07
Rugged Bear Donald Duck 3
Run, Run, Sweet Road Runner Road Runner M08
Rushing Roulette - J29