Cartoons: CPR-CPZ

Prehysterical Hare Bugs Bunny H05
Prehistoric Pink Pink Panther G39
Prehistoric Porky
December 1994
June 2001
July 2018
Porky Pig F40
Prest-O Chang-O
December 2011
- G51
Primitive Pluto
July 2010
Pluto K25
Prince Varmint Bugs Bunny C82
Private Eye Popeye Popeye A79
Private Pluto Pluto G72
(The) Prize Pest Porky Pig D83
Problem Pappy
May 2001
July 2018
Popeye F60
Professor Tom Tom & Jerry Q41
(The) Prospecting Bear - B24
Pudgy Picks A Fight Betty Boop J66
Pudgy The Watchman Betty Boop 90
Pueblo Pluto Pluto L29
Punch Trunk
June 1997
June 2010
- L92
Puppet Love Popeye G36
(The) Pup's Picnic - 28
(The) Purloined Pup Pluto 46, I90
Puss Cafe Pluto 84
Puss Gets The Boot - I66
Put-Put Pink Pink Panther C88
Put-Put Troubles Donald Duck J62
Puttin' On The Act Popeye D54
Putty Tat Trouble Tweety C73