Cartoons: CL-CLN

La Feet's Defeat
June 2001
November 2018
The Inspector F63
Lamb Scout Cook Out
May 1994
May 2001
May 2018
- F21
Lambert The Sheepish Lion Lambert A65
Landing Stripling Tom & Jerry B67
Language All My Own Betty Boop A50
(The) Last Hungry Cat
August 1998
June 2001
April 2018
- F07
Learn Polikeness Popeye P05
Let's Get Movin' Popeye O95
Let's Stick Together Donald Duck B37
Let's You And Him Fight Popeye M84
Lickety-Splat Road Runner A79
Life With Feathers
June 1994
May 2001
May 2018
Sylvester F22
Li'l Whooper Deputy Dawg A89
Little Boy Boo Foghorn Leghorn I52
Little Buck Cheese - C38
Little Cheeser - 28
Little Dutch Plate - D08
Little Gravel Voice - C21
Little Hiawatha - I29
Little Johnny Jet - D72
(The) Little Mole - B24
Little Nobody Betty Boop J90
Little Orphan Airedale Porky Pig G96
Little Pancho Vanilla - D81
Little Red Walking Hood - P74