Cartoons: CFL-CFZ

(The) Flea Circus - B68
Fleets Of Stren'th
April 2010
Popeye G15
Flowers For Madam
February 2007
- 57
(The) Flying Mouse - C20
Flying Squirrel
November 2007
Donald Duck E08
(The) Foghorn Leghorn
January 1996
May 2010
Foghorn Leghorn H17
Food For Feudin' Chip N' Dale I91
Football Now And Then - C30
(The) Football Toucher Downer Popeye M96
Fongy Fables - K91
For Better Or Worser Popeye M96
Foul Hunting Goofy C60
12 Carrot Rabbit Bugs Bunny H14
Fowl PLay Popeye D39
Fowl Weather Tweety M77
Fox Pop - 79
Foxy Duckling - B15
Foxy Hunter Betty Boop A85
(A) Fractured Leghorn Foghorn Leghorn L72
Frank Duck Brings 'Em Back Alive Daffy Duck L22
Freewayphobia Goofy L30
Freeze Frame Road Runner P16
French Rarebit Bugs Bunny O91
Fresh Fish
May 1994
July 1998
May 2001
April 2018
- F01
Fresh Hare Bugs Bunny 73
(The) Friendly Ghost Casper K19
Fright To The Finish
October 1998
May 2001
May 2018
Popeye F18
From A To Z-Z-Z-Z - O28
From Hand To Mouse - K02
From Hare To Heir Bugs Bunny I10
From Way Out Popeye A54
Fruedy Cat Sylvester L65
Funny Little Bunnies - L05
(The) Funshine State - N10