Cartoons: CF-CFH

Fair And Worm-er - G43
Fair Haired Hare Bugs Bunny P28
Falling Hare Bugs Bunny G43
False Hare Bugs Bunny D95
Farmyard Symphony - J61
Fast And Furry-ous
November 1995
January 2020
Road Runner C90, G25
Fast Buck Duck Daffy Duck N78
Fastest With The Mostest
September 1994
October 2004
Road Runner A03
Father's Are People Goofy A91
Father's Day Off Goofy I91
Father's Weekend Goofy C93
Feather Dusted
December 2011
Foghorn Leghorn P42
Feather Finger Daffy Duck E54
(A) Feather In His Hare Bugs Bunny A60, C76
Feed The Kitty - H14
Feline Frame-Up
April 2007
- A33
Ferdinan The Bull - L04
Fiesta Fiasco Speedy Gonzales N24
Fifth Column Mouse
December 2011
- G50
Fightin' Pals Popeye D73
Fighting 69 1/2 - B75
Film Fan Porky Pig M12
Fin 'N Catty
May 2010
- H29, L74
(The) First Bad Man
June 2010
- G69
(The) First Swallow - 24
Fish Tales Porky Pig N07
(The) Fishing Bear Barney Bear G68
Fistic Mystic
June 2001
May 2018
Popeye F37