Cartoons: CDR-CDZ

Dr. Devil And Mr. Hare Bugs Bunnyt B15
Dr. Jekyl's Hide Sylvester K06
(The) Draft Horse - C84
Draftee Daffy
December 2011
Daffy Duck G63
Drag-A-Long Droopy Droopy D93
Dragon Around Chip N' Dale J83
Droopy Leprechaun
October 1998
May 2001
May 2018
Droopy G54
Droopy's Double Trouble
August 1994
January 1999
January 2007
Droopy 65
Droopy's Good Deed Droopy M41
Duck Rogers In The 24th Century Daffy Duck P08
Duck Rabbit, Duck
April 2010
Bugs Bunny G11
Duck Soup To Nuts Daffy Duck O04
Ducking The Devil Daffy Duck D52
(The) Ducksters Daffy Duck N39
Dude Duck Donald Duck I24
Dumb Bell Of The Yukon Donald Duck C09
Dumb-Hounded Droopy N64
Dumb Patrol Bugs Bunny B78
Duxorcist Daffy Duck O94