Cartoons: CCO-CCZ

Cock-A-Doodle Dog - M96
Cock O' The Walk - D36
Cold Storage
August 1998
June 2001
April 2018
Pluto K89
Cold Turkey Pluto 31, C60
Cold Wars - D35
Conrad The Sailor
August 2004
Daffy Duck R04
Contrary Condor Donald Duck J71
Coo Coo Nut Grove - C52
(The) Cookie Carnival
January 2018
- E64
Corn Chips Donald Duck L34
(A) Corny Concerto Elmer Fudd E35
(The) Counterfeit Cat - M42
(The) Country Cousin - A96
(A) Cowboy Needs A Horse - A19
Cracked Ice - 82
Cracked Quack
August 2004
Daffy Duck R35
Crazy Cruise
May 2010
- H31
Crazy Over Daisey Donald Duck B09
Crazy With Heat Goofy D66
Cross Country Detours - A34
Crowing Pains Foghorn Leghorn O24
Crow's Feat Elmer Fudd K49
Cue Ball Cat - B38
Cured Donald Donald Duck B49
Customers Wanted Popeye J23
Curtain Razor Porky Pig N87