Cartoons: CCA-CCG

Caballero Droopy Droopy N86
Cagey Canary - C38
Calling Dr. Porky
January 1998
June 2001
May 2018
Porky Pig F35
(The) Candid Candidate Betty Boop D40
Canine Caddy
June 2010
Mikey Mouse G70
Canned Fued Sylvester I50
Cannery Row Tweety N23
Cannery Woe Speedy Gonzales D40
Canvas Back Duck Donald Duck J60
(The) Captain And The Kids Katzanjammer Kids E39
Captain Hareblower
January 1996
May 2010
Bugs Bunny H28
Captain Razor Porky Pig D04
Case Of The Mssing Hare
April 2010
Bugs Bunny G11
(The) Cat Came Back - C98
(The) Cat Concerto Tom & Jerry E30
Cat Feud - P25
Cat-Tails For Two Speedy Gonzales L94
Cat That Hated People - D95
Catch As Cats Can Sylvester F03
Cats And Bruises
July 1998
May 2001
April 2018
Sylvester F06
Cats Aweigh - C42
(The) Cat's Bah Pepe Le Pew B40
(The) Cat's Tale
March 1995
February 1999
July 2004
April 2007
- A32, C13
Catty Cornered
September 1998
May 2001
May 2018
Tweety F14
Ceiling Hero - H51