Cartoons: CBE-CBH

Be Human Betty Boop J94
Be Kind To Animals Porky Pig A86
Be Kind To Animals Popeye M40
Be Up To Date Betty Boop L38
(The) Beach Party Mickey Mouse I81
Beach Picnic Donald Duck 33
Beanstalk Bunny Bugs Bunny M32
(The) Bear And The Bean
May 2010
Barney Bear H25
(The) Bear And The Beavers Barney Bear 56
(The) Bear And The Hare Barney Bear K15
(A) Bear For Punishment - I04
Bear Raid Warning Barney Bear A73
(The) Bear That Couldn't Sleep Barney Bear O05
Bear That Wasn't - Q69
Bearly Asleep Donald Duck E53
(The) Bear's Tale - I38
Beaus Will Be Beaus Popeye A19
Beauty And The Beast - A74, C29
Bedtime For Sniffles
December 2011
Sniffles Q78
Bee At The Beach Donald Duck A49
(The) Bee-Deviled Bruin - C16
Beep, Beep Road Runner K37
Beep Prepared Road Runner P96
Beguiled Rabbit Bugs Bunny Q57
Behind The Meat-Ball
April 2010
- G16
Bell Hoppy Sylvester B74
Ben And Me - 18
Betty Boop And Little Jimmy Betty Boop K53
Betty Boop And The Little King Betty Boop N33
Betty Boop For President
December 2011
Betty Boop G65
(The) Betty Boop Limited Betty Boop B80
Betty Boop, M.D. Betty Boop A51
Betty Boop With Henry Betty Boop 74
Betty Boop's Bamboo Isle
January 1996
June 1996
August 2001
May 2010
June 2019
Betty Boop G07
Betty Boop's Big Boss Betty Boop K05
Betty Boop's Birthday Party Betty Boop C56
Betty Boop's Bizzy Bee Betty Boop A43
Betty Boop's Crazy Inventions Betty Boop J46
Betty Boop's Halloween Betty Boop H16
Betty Boop's Ker-Choo Betty Boop 74
Betty Boop's Life Guard Betty Boop 74
Betty Boop's Little Pal
May 1995
June 2001
July 2018
Betty Boop F39, 900, K12
Betty Boop's May Party
January 2018
Betty Boop E63
Betty Boop's Museum Betty Boop I27
Betty Boop's Penthouse Betty Boop N12
Betty Boop's Rise To Fame Betty Boop J23
Betty Boop's Trial Betty Boop N12
Betty Boop's Ups And Downs Betty Boop J90
Betty Coed Rudy Valli J78
Betty In Blunderland Betty Boop L54
Beware Of Barnacle Bill
May 2001
July 2018
Popeye F59