Cartoons: A

A-Lad-In Bagdad - 30
A-Lad-In His Lamp Bugs Bunny C38
Abdul The Bulbul-Ameer - B03
(The) Abominable Snow Rabbit Bugs Bunny K65
Abusement Park Popeye P32
Acrobatty Bunny Bugs Bunny D86
Admission Free Betty Boop J68
Adventures In Music - L35
Adventures Of Popeye Popeye Q73
Ain't She Tweet? Tweety I45
Ain't That Ducky? Daffy Duck H53
Ain't We Got Fun? - D21
Aladin And His Wonderful Lamp Popeye E29
Ali Baba Bunny Bugs Bunny M03
Alias St. Nick - D32
All Abir-r-r-d Tweety Q44
All In A Bird Sylvester B15
All In A Nutshell Donald Duck L32
Alley Cat
July 2001
May 2019
- F86
Aloha Hoey - A14
Aloha On The Sarong Seas Popeye C52, P08
Along Came Daffy
May 1995
June 2001
April 2019
Daffy Duck F94
Alpine Climbers Mickey Mouse H73
Alpine For You
December 2011
Popeye Q89
Ancient Fistory
June 2001
May 2018
Popeye F90
Any Rage Betty Boop N56
Apes Of Wrath
May 2007
Bugs Bunny E06
Aqua Duck Daffy Duck M41
Aquamania Goofy D31
(The) Art Of Skiing Goofy C97
Artic Giant Superman K17
As The Tumbleweed Turns Hoot Kloot E88
Astro-Nut Popeye A73
At Your Service Madam
August 2004
- T49
(The) Autograph Hound Donald Duck K25
Awful Orphan
August 2004
Porky Pig Q99
Axe Me Another Popeye A67