Outer Limits 2

Alien Radio Joe Pantoliano O11 0:45
(The) Awakening Lela Rochon L84 0:45
Balance Of Power
April 1995
December 1998
July 2004
April 2007
Maurice Godin A36 0:45
(The) Beholder MacKenzie Astin P84 0:43
Better Luck Next Time Megan Gallagher P26 0:45
Birthright Perry King M34 0:45
Bits Of Love Jon Tenny L02 0:45
Black Box Ron Perlman N85 0:45
Breaking Point
December 2003
- Q08 0:45
(The) Camp Harley Jank Kozack N27 0:45
Caught In The Act Jason London L65 0:45
(The) Conversion John Savage M44 0:45
Corner Of The Eye Len Carioli M23 0:45
Criminal Nature Gary Cole D79 0:45
Dark Matters Annette O'Toole L78 0:45
Dark Rain Don Franklin L77 0:45
Deadman's Switch James Legros C37 0:45
January 2005
Bruce Boxleitner R71 0:45
Deja Vu Kevin Nealon P25 0:45
Donor Robert Hayes O09 0:45
Double Helix Ron Rifkin L71 0:44
Down To Earth Mackenzie Phillips Q02 0:45
Essence Of Life Daniel Baldwin P31 0:45
Fear Itself Arye Gross M73 0:44
First Anniversary Matt Frewer K75 0:44
From Within Neil Patrick Harris K67 0:44
Gettysburg Joshua Leonard Q46 0:45
Glyphic Rachel Leigh Cook A68 0:45
Final Exam Brett Cullen M89 0:45
(The) Grell O19 0:45
(The) Haven
January 2005
Chris Eigeman R75 0:45
Hearts And Minds Christine Elise M26 0:45
Heart's Desire
August 1997
May 2001
July 2018
Casper Van Dier F58 0:45
(The) Human Operators O84, P37 0:45
(The) Hunt Doug Savant D54 0:45
I Hear You Calling Ally Sheedy K82 0:44
I, Robot Cyndy Preston M20 0:45
Identity Crisis Lou Diamond Philips M56 0:45
If These Walls Could Talk Dwight Schultz M44 0:45
In Our Image Nana Visitor N85 0:45
In The Zone
July 2001
August 2019
Adrian Pasdar G04 0:45
Inconstant Moon
November 2004
Michael Gross R64 0:43
Inheritors Tom Irwin P27 0:45
(The) Joining C. Thomas Howell M78 0:45
Josh Alex McArthur M62 0:45
Joyride O26 0:45
Judgment Day
August 2004
Christ Elliot R42 0:43
Last Supper Peter Onorati L63, L75 0:44
(The) Light Brigade Robert Patrick K62 0:44
Litha David Keith M89 0:45
Living Hell Elizabeth Pena L96 0:45
Manifest Destiny Brad Johnson P44 0:45
Mary 25 Cynthia Geary M87 0:45
(The) Message Marlee Matlin L75 0:45
Monster Harry Hamlin N43 0:45
Music Of The Spheres Howard Hessman L94 0:44
Nest Robert Sean Leonard Q46 0:45
New Lease Stephan Lang L90 0:42
March 1995
September 1998
July 2004
April 2007
Steven Bauer A25 0:45
(The) Other Side O20 0:45
Paradise Mel Harris K66 0:45
Promised Land
March 1995
September 1998
July 2004
April 2007
Caroline Goodall A25 0:45
Regeneration Kim Cattrell M37 0:44
Relative Theory
July 2001
August 2019
Melissa Gilbert G04 0:45
Resurrection Heather Graham K82 0:44
(The) Revelations Of Becka Paulson Catherine O'Hara M02 0:44
Rite Of Passage Jimmy Marsden M64 0:45
Sandkings Beau Bridges P43 1:32
Sarcophagus Lisa Zane B85 0:45
Second Soul D.W. Moffett L68 0:45
Second Thoughts Howie Mandell L62 0:45
(The) Shroud Samatha Mathis P26 0:45
(A) Special Edition Alan Thicke M03 0:43
Star Crossed Angeline Ball P77 0:45
(A) Stitch In Time Amanda Plummer O05 0:45
Stranded Adam Hann-Byrd O94 0:45
Stream Of Conscienceness George Newbern L61 0:45
Summit Marcia Cross P25 0:45
Tempests Eric McCormack L68 0:45
To Tell The Truth Gregory Harrison D47 0:45
Trial By Fire Robert Foxworth K75 0:45
Tribunal O84 0:45
Under The Bed Timothy Busfield M23 0:45
(The) Vaccine Maria Conchita Alonso M52 0:45
Valerie 23 William Sadler L77 0:45
Vanishing Act P18 0:45
Virtual Future Josh Brown M29 0:45
What Will The Neighbors Think? P20 0:45
White Light Fever Bruce Davidson L96 0:45