(A) League Of Their Own* Tom Hanks I05 2:05
Learned Pigs And Fireproof Women* Ricky Jay A52 0:45
Leave It To Blondie* Penny Singleton K25 1:13
(The) Legend Of Black Thunder Mountain* Glen Porter I86 1:29
(The) Legend Of Firefly Marsh* Jonas Marlowe D68 0:24
(The) Legend Of Two Gypsy Dogs* John Van Dreelen B10 0:47
(The) Legendary Of Victor Borge* Itzhak Pearlman T32 0:55
Legends Of American Comedy
May 2018
Jack Benny U10 1:00
Legends Of The Football Follies*
October 2007
--- S69 0:44
Let Me Call You Sweetheart* Ethel Merman D43 0:08
Lethal Weapon* Mel Gibson D01 1:32
Lethal Weapon 2* Mel Gibson D02 1:50
Lethal Woman* Shannon Tweed B14 1:32
(The) Letter From Moab* Pricilla Barnes D70 0:33
Life Against Death* L87 0:57
Life Force* Steve Railsback J39 1:40
(The) Life Of Riley* William Bendix 31 1:27
Life With Blondie*
May 1996
September 2000
August 2003
February 2018
Penny Singleton E19 1:10
Life With Mikey*
December 1994
February 1999
July 2004
April 2007
Michael J. Fox A30 1:32
Lifeboat* Tallulah Bankhead C91 1:37
Lifeform* Cotter Smith Q04 1:29
Life's Funniest Moments*
November 2004
--- R57 0:37