L.A. Confidential* Kevin Spacey N76 2:18
Ladies Of The Lotus* Richard Dale B31 1:28
Lady Beware* Diane Lane G96 1:50
Lady Godiva* Marsha Jordan C13 1:25
(The) Lady In Red* Pamela Sue Martin G41 1:30
Lake Placid* Bill Pullman P71 1:22
Land Of Parrots* Nature A81 0:39
Land Of The Unknown* Jock Mahoney J87 1:18
Lane Change* Kathy Baker K37 0:22
Larger Than Life* Bill Murray E31 1:33
September 1994
October 2004
Kim Milford A03 1:21
(The) Last Halloween* Rhea Perlman E42 0:21
(The) Last Martian* David Carridine B02 0:20
(The) Last Of The Mohicans* Barbara Bedford I02 1:13
Last Request* Harry Guarding J05 0:23
(The)Last Starfighter* Lance Guest 34 1:30
(The) Last Survivor Martin Sheen A42 1:13
Late For Dinner*
June 2001
April 2019
Tom Leopold C05 0:30
Laughing Gravy* Laurel & Hardy I80 0:30
Laughter In Paradise Alastair Sim A66 1:34
Laurel And Hardy / Our Gang Comedies
May 2018
Laurel And Hardy U14 1:30
Laurel And Hardy's Life Story* Laurel & Hardy L41 0:27
Laurel And Hardy Snapshots* Laurel & Hardy B60 0:05
(The) Law And Jake Wade* Richard Widmark B16 1:21
Lawn Dogs* Sam Rockwell O77 1:41