I'm A Monkey's Uncle* Three Stooges H98 0:10
Imitation General*
January 1999
February 2007
Glenn Ford 59 1:27
In Harm's Way* John Wayne C85 2:42
In Motion* Michael Moschen D19 0:54
In The Army Now* Pauly Shore J86 1:32
In The Dog House*
April 1995
November 1996
February 1999
July 2004
April 2007
Matt Frewer A24 1:30
In The Heat Of Passion*
December 2011
Sally Kirkland G63 1:22
In The Mood* Patrick Dempsey Q14 1:40
In The Navy* Abbott & Costello N08 1:25
In The Presence Of Mine Enemies* Armin Mueller-Stahl L93 1:36
In The Sweet Pie And Pie* Three Stooges C15 0:11
Incoming Freshmen* Ashley Vaughn B03 1:23
(The) Incredible Journey*
December 2011
Rex Allen G60 1:20
(The) Incredible Shrinking Man* Grant Williams 82 1:16
(The) Incredible Stranger* - C60 0:11
Independence Day* Will Smith L16 2:25
(The) Indian In The Cupboard* Hal Scarding K91 1:36
Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade* Harrison Ford E50 2:06
Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom* Harrison Ford E45 1:57
Inner Sanctum* Tanya Roberts G96 1:27
December 2010
Dennis Quaid G83 2:00
Inside Donald Duck* Animated B18 0:43
(The) Inspector General* Danny Kaye D98 1:34
(The) Installment Collector* Fred Allen C08 0:10
Instant Classic Bloopers: Malcolm In The Middle* Dick Clark Q63 0:42
Instant Justice* Michael Pare J03 1:41
Insurance* Danny Kaye J91 0:09
Interceptor* Andrew Dunoff I70 1:33
Interior Paint And Wallpaper*
January 2009
--- T10 1:15
International Intrigue* Candida Royalle D42 0:47
(The) Intruder Within* Chad Everett N07 1:34
(The) Invader* Sean Young O32 1:33
Invaders From Mars* Helena Carter A81 1:15
Invaders From Mars* Karen Black B80 1:31
Invasion* Luke Perry B43 2:50
Invasion Of The Body Snatchers* Donald Southerland A84 1:53
Investigator* Voncent D'Onofrio L08 0:24
Invisible Invaders*
September 2000
July 2004
May 2007
John Agar D90 1:06
(The) Invisible Kid* Jay Underwood I15 1:33
Invisible Man* Claude Raines B79 1:09
Invisible Maniac* Noel Peters C84 1:25