Francis* Donald O'Conner E38 1:30
Francis Joins The WACS Donald O'Conner C49 1:35
Frankenfish* Tory Kittles R76 1:19
Frankenstein* Robert Powell J84 1:21
Frankenstein: The College Years* William Ragsdale D65 1:32
Frankenstein Sings* Ian Bohen N75 1:22
January 2009
Harrison Ford T13 2:00
Fran's Fury: Stories From The Eye* Jim Payne 78 1:48
Fraternity Vacation* Stephen Geoffreys K54 1:18
Freaks* Wallace Ford 20 1:04
Freaky Friday* Jodi Foster A56 1:38
Free And Easy*
April 1994
May 2001
March 2018
Edgar Bergen E83 0:08
Free Eats*
September 1994
January 1999
February 2007
Little Rascals 49 0:18
Freebie And The Bean* Alan Arkin G97 0:17
Freedom Strike* Michael Dudikoff O72 1:33
Frenzy* Jon Fitch I52 1:48
Friday's Curse: Dr. Jack - Shadow Boxer* John D. LeMax I89 1:30
Friendliest And Funniest Fish In The Sea* Nature I84 0:23
Fright Night* Three Stooges Q55 0:18
From D-Day To Victory In Europe* Max Hastings B33 1:52
Frosty The Snowman* Jimmy Durante E41 0:22
Frosty The Snowman* Animated D03 0:24