Fiddlin' Man - The Life And Times Of Bob Wills*
December 2011
John Jones Q95 0:58
Fifteenth Phase Of The Moon*
July 2011
Brigitte Bako G85
(The) Fifth Element* Bruce Willis O79 2:06
Fifty-Fifty* Peter Weller I01 1:41
Fifty Wildest Sports Bloopers Ever* Merv Jones S67 0:37
Fifty Years Of Funny Flubs And Screw-Ups* Patrick Duffy M68 0:45
Fifty Years Of NBC Late Night* Conan O'Brien Q41 1:26
Fifty Years Of Television* Walter Cronkite B84 1:26
Fighter Squadron*
July 2010
Robert Stack G72 1:25
Fightin' Fools*
August 1997
May 2001
July 2018
Little Rascals F58 0:09
(The) Fighting Sullivans* Anne Baxter B50 1:44
Final Countdown* Kirk Douglas 89 1:43
(The) Final Terror* John Friedrich O01 1:21
Fine Tuning* Matthew Laborteaux B57 0:23
Fire In The Sky* D.B. Sweeny I81 1:50
Fire On Kelly Mountain* Larry Wilcox B19 0:46
Fire - Trapped On The 37th Floor* Lee Majors I77 1:35
Fireball Forward* Ben Gazzara D31 1:35
Firebird 2015 A.D.* Darren McGaven D27 1:37
Firebirds* Nicolas Cage E72 1:27
Fireman, Save My Child* Joe E. Brown D19 1:05
Firestarter* Drew Barrymore B21 1:55
First Games On Mount Olympus* Tim Conway B24 1:17
First Knight* Sean Connery B35 2:13
(The) First Men On The Moon* Edward Judd I07 1:42
Fish Heads* --- I79 0:05
Fish People* --- D33 0:46
Fishy Tales* Little Rascals B23 0:10
Five For Hell*
April 1994
April 2001
January 2018
John Garko E64 1:32
(The) Fixer Uppers* Laurel & Hardy I25 0:22