Crack In The World* Dana Andrews A12 1:33
Crash And Burn 2* --- L12 0:34
Crash Dive* Michael Dudikoff J26 1:27
Crash Goes The Hash* Three Stooges A40 0:18
Crashes And Chases* John Bunnell P99 0:39
Creature* Klaus Kinski B73 1:32
Creature* Craig T. Nelson M87 2:03
Creature From The Black Lagoon* Jack Elam A16 1:34
Creature From The Black Lagoon* Richard Carlson C61 1:47
Creature Part 2* Craig T. Nelson M88 0:49
Creatures From The Mangrove* Nature B15 0:57
(The) Creeping Unknown*
December 2011
Brian Donlevy G59 1:19
Crime On Their Hands* Three Stooges B86 0:17
Crimson Tide
May 2018
Denzel Washington U11 1:56
Crocodile Dundee* Paul Hogan B05 1:37
Crocodile Dundee 2* Paul Hogan B06 1:51
(The) Crocodile Hunter Collision Course
January 2009
Steve Irwin T11 1:29
Crossworlds Rutger Hauer D53 1:32
Crusoe Aiden Quinn C16 1:30
Cry Of Battle Van Heflin K95 1:39