Clash Of The Titans* Harry Hamblin M57 1:58
Claymation Christmas Celebration* Claymation E41 0:23
Claymation Comedy Of Horrors*
September 1995
January 2020
Claymation G26 0:22
(A) Claymation Easter* Claymation M94 0:22
Clear And Present Danger* Harrison Ford N63 2:21
Cleopatra* Elizabeth Taylor I17 4:02
Clink, Clink, Another Drink*
May 2018
Spike Jones T53 0:03
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind* Richard Dreyfuss B49 2:13:
Clown Princes* Little Rascals I84 0:10
Clowns* Dick Van Dyke D78 0:46