Anaconda* Jennifer Lopez M36 1:30
Anchor's Aweigh*
June 2001
October 2019
Frank Sinatra F98 2:19
Ancient Secrets Of The Bible* William Devane G67 1:33
And God Created Woman* Rebecca DeMornay 27 1:36
And The Walked Away* Steve Gates L50 1:15
Andersonville* Jarrod Emick A67 2:43
Andy Griffith's Silver Anniversary Special* Don Knotts B08 1:55
Animals Are People Too: (The) Dog Artist* Alan Thick O40 0:40
Animals Are People Too: Lala The Penguin* Alan Thick O42 0:43
Animals Are People Too: Mr. Belvadere* Alan Thick O86 0:41
Animals Are People Too: Pepper* Alan Thick P38 0:42
Animals Are People Too: Shadow* Alan Thick P43 0:41
Animals Are the Funniest People* Loretta Swit L11 0:43
Animal Bloopers* --- D50 0:30
Anniversary Troubles* Little Rascals B33 0:12
Another Fine Mess*
March 1996
March 2001
February 2018
Laurel & Hardy E60 0:28
Ants In The Pantry* Three Stooges Q65 0:18
Anything Goes* Bing Crosby O10 1:46
Anything Goes* Wilson Playhouse Q36 2:00