Gospel 44 - Singing Cookes

  1. He Rows Me Over The Tide
  2. One Way Flight
  3. Now I'm Close To Jesus
  4. You Never Mentioned Him To Me
  5. On Heaven's Bright Shore
  6. Mom Will Sing Amazing Grace
  7. Some Morning Yonder
  8. He Didn't Come Down
  9. Lord Stay Near Me
  10. I'll Never Be The Same
  11. We've Got To Move Out
  12. Who Can Explain
  13. Heaven On The Horizon
  14. I Still Like The Songs Mama Sang The Best
  15. He's Coming For Me
  16. I'll Wear A Robe Of White
  17. Road Block To Calvary
  18. Never Say Goodbye
  19. I'll Bear My Cross
  20. I'll Have A Heart That Will Never Break Again