Wednsday, March 3

As a full-of-energy preschooler, my son Xavier avoided afternoon quiet time. Being still often resulted in an unwanted, though much-needed, nap. So, hed wiggle in his seat, slide off the sofa, scoot across the hardwood floor, and even roll across the room to evade the quiet. Mom, Im hungry ... Im thirsty ... I have to go to the bathroom ... I want a hug.

Understanding the benefits of stillness, Id help Xavier settle down by inviting him to snuggle. Leaning into my side, hed give in to sleep.

Early in my spiritual life, I mirrored my sons desire to remain active. Busyness made me feel accepted, important, and in control, while noise distracted me from fretting over my shortcomings and trials. Surrendering to rest only affirmed my frail humanity. So I avoided stillness and silence, doubting God could handle things without my help.

But Hes our refuge, no matter how many troubles or uncertainties surround us. The path ahead may seem long, scary, or overwhelming, but His love envelops us. He hears us, answers us, and stays with us ... now and forever into eternity.

We can embrace the quiet and lean into Gods unfailing love and constant presence. We can be still and rest in Him because were safe under the shelter of His unchanging faithfulness.