In 1959/1960 Rome, Marcello Rubini is a writer and journalist, the worst kind of journalist - a tabloid journalist, or paparazzo. His job is to try to catch celebrities in compromising or embarrassing situations. He tends to get quite close to his subjects - especially when they're beautiful women. Two such subjects are local heiress Maddalena, and Swedish superstar-actress Sylvia, with both of whom he has affairs despite being engaged to Emma, a clingy, insecure, nagging, melodramatic woman. Despite his extravagant, pleasure-filled lifestyle, he is wondering if maybe a simpler life wouldn't be better.

Marcello Mastroianni as Marcello Rubini
Anita Ekberg as Sylvia
Anouk Aime as Maddalena
Yvonne Furneaux as Emma
Magali Nol as Fanny
Alain Cuny as Steiner
Annibale Ninchi as Il padre di Marcello
Walter Santesso as Paparazzo
Valeria Ciangottini as Paola
Riccardo Garrone as Riccardo
Evelyn Stewart as Debuttante dell'anno
Audrey McDonald as Jane
Polidor as Pagliaccio
Alain Dijon as Frankie Stout
Mino Doro as Amante di Nadia
Giulio Girola as Police Commissioner
Laura Betti as Laura
Nico as Nico


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Split Personality

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