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The Cyber Temples of The Gods

As you can see the village of cyber Temples has just begun being built. I have some open now under Both Goddesses and Gods. I will soon be adding a third list of magical beings, such as Fairies, Dragons and such. So be sure to come back soon, and check our progess.

Blessed Be!
Ginger Strivelli's mystical mythical Magical Musings Website

one of my favorite 'cybertemples' online is, here are some favorite shots from that site

The Temples of the Goddesses

Spider Grandmother's Temple
Isis's Temple
Mother Mary's Temple
Lakshmi's Temple
Hera / Juno's Temple
Flora's Temple
Hathor's Temple
SELU The Corn Mother's Temple
Mother Nature/ Mother Earth/ Gaia's Temple
IxCacao _Mayan Goddess of Chocolate's temple
Hina, Hawaiian Moon (Stars and Earth) Goddess
Bast-Egyptian Cat Goddess
IxChel-Mayan Goddess of the Moon
Brigid- Celtic Fire Goddess
Maat -Egyptian Goddess of Truth and Balance
Kuan Yin- Buddhist Goddess of Compassion
Lady Liberty-Libertas -Goddess of Freedom
The Fates

Temples of The Gods

Poseidon's Temple
Vishnu's Temple
The Holly King's Temple
Apollo's Temple
Ares' / Mars' Temple
Pan's Temple
The Father Sun God's Temple
Quetzalcoatl's/Kukulcan's Temple
Hapi (God of the Nile) Temple
Ganesha's Temple
Shiva's Temple
Hanuman's Temple
Morpheus' temple
Thor's Temple
Chac's temple
Ahmuzencab's (Mayan Bee God) Temples
Sobek's Temple
Horus' temple

Other Cybertemples

My Families Ancesotrs Altar Cybertemple Page