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Greater Triad Chain Reaction
Winston-Salem, N

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Welcome to Chain Reaction:
the March of Dimes' Youth Council.

For visitors to the site, please view our pages on the left to find out more about Chain Reaction and the March of Dimes. This website has not been updated since summer of 2001, but it still contains valuable information about Chain Reaction.

View photos from the 2001 Health Conference: Health TV

Photos from this year: Walk Kickoff, the Retreat, and more!

Have a great summer!

Past Events for Members:
May 21, 4:30 PM - 6 PM
@ Taylor's House

NEW and OLD Executive Officers ONLY: Executive Officer Training
If you are a new or old officer, you must be there!

May 24, Evening
March of Dimes Awards Party for Walk at Farmer's Market in Greensboro

We surpassed our WalkAmerica goal of $1500. Thanks to the volunteers who helped set up and clean up and stand at the barricades :) Also, thanks to all the walkers! Way to go!

May 6
YEAR END PARTY @ Taylor's House
Thanks to everyone who came - it was a fun year-end bash!

March 2, 2001

Centenary United Methodist Church
To all those who attended the Health Conference, I hope you enjoyed it and also gained some beneficial information about teen health issues. We are glad you were able to come!

Visit the updated calendar for 2000/2001

Invaders from outer space! Watch out!
January 25, 2001

If you have a photo, or anything else, that you would like to see on this page, e-mail them to me!

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