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Healing Tones of Life

As far back as I can remember, I have wanted to create music that was pleasing to the part of me deep inside that we refer to as our Spirit or Inner Man. I was given my first musical instrument at the age of four, and I recall as if it was yesterday strolling around the house, mesmerized as I breathed in and out the pleasing sounds of the chords made by the reeds inside. I can still hear my neighbor asking me, “What are you playing?” and my answer,

“I am making beautiful music.”

At six, my dear parents realizing that I had been given a gift in music, blessed me with my first piano teacher and choir director, Mrs. Alice Mendenhall; and oh, the wonders that began to unfold from within me. We lived just a few blocks from Knott’s Berry Farm where I would meet Alice in the Chapel of the Reflections on the little lake, right there in the center of the park. Can you imagine through the eyes of a child the world that wrapped itself around me? You see, our fellowship did not have a building, so we met there in that little storybook church where, by day Alice welcomed visitors, dressed as a fine lady from the old west, with her huge plumed hats, in corsets and lace…I just knew she was something so special, and she was! In my mind I still saw her that way when we would meet in the chapel for choir practice after the park was closed in the evening hours. I remember so clearly the very first time I sang with the choir, as an alto (I was born to sing in harmony), on Father’s Day, singing “This Is My Father’s World.” I was thrilled to experience the sounds of the organ and piano lifting up the sweet voices of all the little children as I experienced being caught up to my Father’s presence in song in a whole new dimension. Over and over I would repeat the lines, “In the rustling grass I can hear Him pass, He speaks to me everywhere.”

Around the back of the chapel was my favorite place in the whole world. It was a secret place to me, and few even knew that it was there, but what a refuge it was to me. Through a garden gate was another little chapel, hewn out of dark wood, with room for six or seven small pews where I would find my seat, right in the front row next to the dark wooden communion rails. Then as the doors in back closed, the lights would slowly dim until it was completely dark inside; and a deep, soothing voice would tell the story of the Man from Galilee who came to teach us about the things of heaven. I would listen intently, enveloped in the calm, as the voice continued to tell of the miracles this divine gentle man caused to be. I waited patiently for my favorite part as the voice began to describe the Prince of Peace himself, and the arched doors in the front of the chapel would ever so slowly swing open to reveal the life-sized portrait of my Savior. There he stood before me, in a white robe, glowing in the dim light above him, his gentle hands reaching just slightly forward as I heard the voice say, “Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” His eyes were closed, but as the voice told of his golden hair and the tenderness in his face, finally it spoke of eyes so clear and blue that when one looked into them he could see heaven itself…and his eyes would open…looking it seemed, right into my very soul. Oh, the joy of experiencing him that way, as face to face…my King, and my very best friend in the whole world, my Jesus, my Yahshua. Sometimes I would just sit there, waiting for the next few who would enter the chapel so I could experience again the joy of seeing his beautiful face and looking into the eyes of the Ancient One I knew and loved so deeply. There were little arch shaped cards to take home with wooden doors that would open to reveal a miniature of the portrait with closed eyes until one turned out the lights, or pulled the covers up to create enough darkness to see his eyes open. I kept it for years until a fire destroyed my childhood collection of memories, but the experience of knowing him that way is forever in my heart. I went back to visit my friend many years later, and though the park had changed to provide the thrills sought by newer generations, the chapels were both still there, in the center of the park, waiting for the wise men who still seek Him.

I began composing melodies within weeks of my first piano lesson, but did not realize until I was grown what a gift that is. I guess I thought everyone did it and didn’t save the songs. Who knows? Maybe some of the melodies I now record came from my early childhood love affair with my Lord and with music. Though I have always loved to sing and spent hours as a child singing along with my collection of old 78 rpm records, I never thought I had a solo voice till I was coached by Eunice DeMello in Hawaii. What a gifted teacher! I had begun writing songs by then, and became known as WHITE DOVE with my family of nine gathered under my wings. What a joy it was to me to sing, dance the sacred hula and play for the tourists with our gospel group on the sands of Waikiki. I thought I would be there forever, but there was so much more I had yet to learn and experience. I was beginning to know the impact music has on the listener, but had not yet awakened to the ways in which music can heal and lift the spirit, mind and body through the anointing and vibration of Heavenly sounds.

A couple of years ago, I began studying about tones and vibrations and their effects on the body, and began to realize that intuitively, I had been lead to create music that by it’s very nature was known to have a very positive healing influence on the body. There is much research on the effects of music of all kinds on both humans and plants. In a recent article in Parade Magazine, Dr. Oliver Sacks expounded on the amazing results of music therapy with stroke, Alzheimer, and Parkinson’s patients, many of whom were able to overcome their limitations; to walk, talk and function again by listening to music they enjoy. Music is so powerful that even suggested song titles of favorite pieces can work as the song is “played” in the mind of the patient. Music connects where the mind can’t reach as proved by patients who cannot use or comprehend words but can sing the lyrics to a familiar song. The movie “Awakenings” is based on Dr. Sack’s book about music’s miraculous effects on patients “frozen” for decades with the viral sleeping sickness encephalitis lethargica.

Einstein’s theory of relativity E=Mc2 gives us a key. Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared, so we see that mass is light energy slowed down to become visible. Our world is all vibration, each thing appearing as it’s vibration slows enough to become visible, tangible to our perception. Sound is a slower vibration of light, and there is only a small range of both light and sound that we can perceive with our eyes or ears. Within the full spectrum of light and sound is a range of life giving energy that imparts renewal to our beings, and as we learn more about this we are better able to understand why both music and light affect us so tremendously.

This study has led me to the realization that music is a powerful tool for the healing of all creation. Long before the ability to reproduce music electronically for our listening pleasure anywhere we choose, we have participated in producing music from within ourselves, humming to calm our children and ourselves, and we still do. I find it hard sometimes not to get carried away with a pleasing melody, even if it’s Muzac in a store or office building where singing along may not always be appreciated.

The instruction is given in scripture, “let everything that has breath praise the Lord!” (Ps 150:6) and to “sing and make melody in your heart to the Lord.” (Eph 5:19) People who have died and returned here often say that everything in the Heavens they visited emanates music. In the praising and worshipping of our Heavenly Father we are lifted into the Heavenly realms, reconnected to that which is so familiar to our Spirits. I believe it is our nature to lift our voice in song, even if we think we can’t sing, and I believe it is time to let the song out from deep inside us. Margit Roach wrote a beautiful article on the Song of the Lord with much insight into it. (1)

"For years we have been saying, “If the world could only see the works of God!” Well, I tell you now that we have shown them His works and it was not the answer, for far too often the works – the signs, wonders and miracles – fascinated the lustful eyes of the curious and blessed people’s flesh, but failed to impart unto them the LIFE OF THE SON OF GOD! God did not save the world by works, He saved the world by a PERSON! This life is a Person! “I AM the life” (Jn 14:6) Is it not a miracle that God is bringing us to this hour when there is that awareness within us that there must be an expression, a revelation, an unveiling, an uncovering, and out-flowing of the Person of God!...God is breaking forth unto an hour of expression and revelation of Himself." J. Preston Eby (2)

Zeph 3:17 reads, “The Lord your God in the midst of you is mighty… he will rejoice over you with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over you with singing.” I see the Song of the Lord as that song of overwhelming joy, peace, love and righteousness that wells up through our Spirit or Inner Man. It is our Father singing in, with and through us as we know and celebrate ONENESS with Him in His Kingdom of Love with all of His creation in everything we say and do. It is a song that goes beyond singing to BEING the song or vibration of the substance of the ONE in and as us. My Beloved, we are His presence, the very vibration of life to all creation as we live and move and have our being in the midst of the Garden of our Father’s Love…who could come into this presence and not be transformed?

“I tell you the marriage of the Lamb is not coming, it is here. I am one of his that is experiencing union with him and with you. All judgment stops, all voices that measure and condemn are hushed, this is reality check, we are coming into our own.” Rokus denHartog (3)

(1) Elwin & Margit Roach, PO Box 4004, Alamogordo NM 88311
(2) J.Preston Eby, PO Box 371240, El Paso, TX 79937-1240
(3) Rokus denHartog, 538 Boston Rd, Oldfield, MO 65720

"HONESTY consists of the unwillingness to lie to others;
MATURITY, which is equally hard to attain, consists of the unwillingness to lie to oneself." Sydney J. Harris

White Dove Travel Update - Spring 2002

Greetings Dear Ones! The Dove has landed in the cleft of the Rockies for a much needed rest. In this time of pressing in, wonders of Spirit have flowed in and out of these Living Waters…what joy has flooded my soul! Every day is new with the dew of Heaven leaving the precious manna from the hand of our Father for us to eat and be satisfied.

It was shown to me that few seek the PROFOUND…that which is as the depths of the ocean, the intense FULLNESS of Father’s Spirit and not the “in-part.” “We have not because we ask not or we ask amiss”, we are told. What makes one leave the mediocre and seek that which is the PROFOUND? Could it be that longing within to connect with ALL that is, ALL that ever has been and ALL that ever will be…desiring to flow in waters in which to swim, in the Great River of Life…that beautiful river running through the Ocean of Father’s Love where all mankind is held, waiting…most unaware of where and who they are…unaware that through that ocean, like the oceans of our planet, run the great currents of warm Life-Giving Waters to bring new growth and restoration. In this Great River, Life is abundant, Love is overwhelming, and those in it are carried through the Ocean of Love to bring the very substance of Father’s intense love and presence that raises everyone and everything they touch into newness of Life! Once one has tasted of that Great River of Life, nothing else satisfies…only the PROFOUND will do! “Then he showed me the river whose waters give life, sparkling like crystal, flowing out from the throne of God and of the Lamb…” Rev 22:1 Amp. And where is that throne? In us, His temple, of course!

Father asked, “What does it mean to be my Ambassador?” I thought of the usual definitions: one who represents a government; one who is sent as an emissary to convey the spirit and intent of the one who sends him; a messenger. It was shown to me that we as Father’s Ambassadors are so much more. Strong’s defines Ambassadors of Christ as members of the Celestial Counsel and Elders (#4245,4243). I was shown that we are sent as Lovers to all mankind, to woo each one into a Love relationship with Father, as a bridegroom draws a maid unto himself that he might make her his bride, to love her with all the passion of his heart, and share his life with her in intimacy. What happens if the bride does not feel comfortable with her groom so that she might open herself to him to receive his love in fullness? There will be no new generation!

Many have been taken out, some of us dragged out, of the religious realm: the form that might have been necessary for a time until the knowledge of the substance of Father’s presence was formed in us. That is what a form is for, to hold a shape until the contents are solid; then the form is removed to reveal the substance of the real shape. The form is always hollow…it has to be to serve its purpose. It has taken a while for religion to be taken out (or dragged out) of some of us so that which was invisible could become visible! We perhaps had become quite good at connecting with those in the religious realm to invite them into the Feast of the Master, but most had other things to do…you know, marrying, inspection of land, etc. So the Master has sent us into the highways and byways to invite those who have never known Him, that His house might be full. At first we might have been baffled as to why most of our connections to the religious realm dissolved; but then, we began to see ourselves, and to know there is a whole creation groaning for the manifestation of the Sons of God…and few in it are interested in seeing anything that has to do with a hollow religious form…boy have they had enough of that! So we have been sewn into the earth, scattered where the wind of Father’s Spirit blows us, to bear the peaceable fruit of Righteousness (right thinking in the mind of Christ), the strength of Joy, the comfort of Peace and the overwhelming power of true unconditional Love. Being brought into right relationship with every other being, we have learned that there is nothing more precious on this earth than those pure relationships.

There are so many things on which we can focus. I see this year 2002 as a year of being balanced. In particular, I have sought Wisdom and understanding to know why I have been brought this way, and I have learned that obedience is so much better than sacrifice. Most recognize the manifestation of Christ as Yahshua or Jesus, the Lamb that was sacrificed for the remission of sins, but few embrace that of Christ, the risen King, the Triumphant Lamb standing on Mt. Zion, and the seed that has been sewn in the earth of every man…the Life Giving Spirit that reveals and lives Life in abundance. IT IS NOT ENOUGH JUST TO KNOW THIS; WE MUST LIVE IT TO HAVE THE REALITY OF THE EXPERIENCE! YES!! It is our time…our generation that is entering in to the fullness of all Father has provided for us right NOW!! Of the increase of His government there is no end so we reap that increase daily!! WOW!!! We are truly living in Heaven and we are never coming out!! It just gets better and better, doesn’t it?

So many PROFOUND and wonderful things have happened to me since I came off the road to spend time focusing on seeking Father’s Wisdom and direction for my life. I have experienced a new revelation of Father’s Love and Provision for me beyond anything I have ever known. Crossing over into a deep knowing of His absolute ALL encompassing embrace, I am released from need, knowing in reality that I am full, satisfied in Him this very moment, nothing lacking. Oh, what an experience!! The timing was so beautiful when this double portion was poured out to me, overflowing on Valentines Day…a new revelation of the ONE, the ALL who LOVES me beyond ALL measure! The very next day, I received a package in the mail, and I was totally overwhelmed by what was inside:

It was an exquisite, hand made crown, a miter as a priestly king would wear; royal purple with mauve bands, and jewels…stones in aurora borealis, ruby and rose quartz colors with pearls all around and a border of snow white fur; and on the top rests a lovely WHITE DOVE.

I was speechless as I found the enclosed card that read:

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom, and with all thy getting, get understanding. Exalt her, and she shall promote thee: she shall bring thee to honor when thou dost embrace her. She shall give to thine head an ornament of grace. A crown of glory shall she deliver to thee.

Sent to me by my Spirit Friend Sitareh who had no idea where I was or what I had been seeking; I was amazed to find out that she had been instructed to make several crowns, not knowing where she was to send them. She told me that this was the first one to be released, and instantly I knew it was not just for me, but also for ALL those in the Body of Christ NOW embracing Wisdom, the Wife of Christ. We must embrace Wisdom to be the very highest expression of all we are destined to be…first Love, then Wisdom. Christ and His Wife…united.

About three weeks before the crown arrived, I had a beautiful dream/vision: Yahshua had come to greet a carload of my friends and me, and I had pushed each one in front of me so that they could meet him first. When I got out of the car expecting to meet him, he was gone so I went inside the house and waited alone in the Living room. (Where else?) He came to me, freshly showered, wearing a dark green shirt (green is the color of healing) and blue jeans (blue being the heavenly color.) His hair is a golden brown, cut just above his collar, and he has the most beautiful, clear, sparkling blue eyes I have ever looked into. He smiled at me with more joy that I have ever seen on any face, and he reached out and took my hands in his and began to dance with me in vibrant circles around the room. We were ecstatic with joy, laughing and spinning together. We stopped and I looked down and saw that I was still holding his hands but he had stood back with his arms folded, grinning. I asked, “Whose hands are these?” and he again placed his hands back into his hands and we danced some more.

He gently stopped our circling dance, looked deep into my eyes then drew me into himself in the most awesome embrace I have ever known…I can still feel the power of his unlimited Love for me as I experienced the enfolding of all creation in his arms…eons and eons and light years and galaxies of Love, beyond what I could ever ask or think. What an experience!

When I woke, I was puzzled at what was meant by the hands I was holding as Yahshua stood back. I was made to know that all the hands I hold are Christ’s hands, loving me and connecting me with him everywhere. It was so much more than just a dream…it was so real and such a tremendous assurance of his love for me and his delight in me…I am still overwhelmed when I think of that loveliful spirit dance and the immeasurably beautiful embrace of all that I AM by the King of Kings…I will never be the same.

My Dear Ones, I leave you with these thoughts: Those that seek the PROFOUND find it in Spirit and in Truth. WISDOM indeed becomes the wife of all who seek her. We are the AMBASSADORS of LOVE sent to woo all creation into Father’s Loving embrace that all might know it is His good pleasure to give us His Kingdom so we can savor and experience everything it contains.

White Dove Travel Update-Germany/Austria Tour - Fall 2003

Hello Dear Ones and a very happy holiday season to you!

The most marvelous news I can give you is that we have so many beautiful brothers and sisters in Germany and Austria and the bridge between our two continents is forming for living connections to become visible from both sides of the Atlantic! How exciting to see what is happening as our world is getting smaller with this folding of time/space called Spirit Friendship! It is true that in spirit there is no separation...only love manifesting in ways we are so blessed to know!

As I flew into Frankfurt, out of the midst of my spirit rose up a love and a gathering spirit like that of Yahshua as he spoke to Jerusalem of his desire to gather them to his bosom. I heard my heart calling out, "Deutschland, Deutschland..." and was overwhelmed with the feeling of returning home after a long journey, wanting to gather all my family together so I could embrace them. How strange for one who does not yet speak German to use the term "Deutschand" was truly a calling out from the depths of my spirit to connect with my spirit family in this deep love flow we are experiencing this day. I never felt like a stranger, but was from the beginning as one who was in his homeland.

I saw an angel's smile from almost a block away and was instantly connected with our translator and tour manager, Antje Buedenbender who brought my touring partner Paul Esch to meet me at the airport. After a day of rest in Frankfurt the "2003 Healing Light Tour" began with a drive over the autobahn (there is no speed limit in some places...yeeehaaah!), through the mysterious Black Forest of western Germany and a gorgeous hairpin-turned mountain road to Kirchzarten where we met Dr. Klinghardt for our first concert. We met folks from all over Europe and also enjoyed the meditation music of "die singenden Flammen", with Joga Dass, Sonja Kreiner and Jutta and Wolfram Schulz...unusual healing tones from new instruments designed by Joga lifted us into a beautiful flow of spirit...I am having fun with the wahwah pipe I traded him for a private session with me.

From my first night, I knew I liked the way things were done in Germany...the feather comforters and pillows are like sleeping on a cloud; the breakfasts of delicious cheeses, breads, fruit, yogurt, and the best coffee one could savor were an immediate hit with me, one who usually skips breakfast...but not in Germany!

Our next concert was for the dedication of the FreeDome in Peuerbach, Austria on November 10th. This beautiful dome designed and handcrafted by Mladin and Cornelius is a gathering place for spiritual seekers to meditate and pray together or individually. An American Indian man named Story who has helped to bring many communities into form was also there to celebrate and share his vision and stories of others who have created gathering places where people can live close to nature and close to each other. Nearly 100 people were packed in shoulder to shoulder, dancing and singing with a sound of great joy and was wonderful! Mladin recorded our concert and there may be an album available if we can make it clean enough for reproduction. I'll let you know!

On to Rosenheim, in south central Germany for a concert/seminar hosted by Hans Felder with about 100 business people, many of whom had never experienced that kind of spiritual gathering. As we sang and danced together, we became like children together as a spirit of joy exploded in our midst...many stayed for another "mini" concert afterwards.

The next day Antje and I drove to the Bavarian Alps to tour King Ludwig II's Royal Castle Neuschwanstein...the "fairytail castle." What an experience it was to walk through the ornate rooms, view the frescoed walls depicting legends of old, and connect with the spirit of the King through his creation. It's beauty, grace and grandeur makes it the number one attraction in Germany to tourists from all over the world. Horse-drawn carriages carry visitors to the castle gates and into a world of knights and ladies; the creativity in purity of spirit King Ludwig possessed is reflected throughout.

Day 7 brought a breath taking drive through the Alps to St. Radegund, the little town near the city of Graz in south central Austria where Peter and Anneliese Schmelzer's estate rests on the side of a mountain overlooking everything around it. They offered us slippers as we entered their warm home welcomed as family...the Austrians are a warm openhearted cozy people and we enjoyed the mornings and evenings together around their breakfast nook eating, talking, laughing and sharing out of the depths of spirit that had brought us there. I was so delighted with the wonderful salads made with lamb's lettuce, potatoes and pumpkin seeds and oil...and their maid baked dozens of delicate cookies and marzipan for us to enjoy, and some to take with me for my grandchildren.

While there we gave a concert in the castle of St.Georgen hosted by Kristina, the lady of the castle. As we sang the Alleluia chorus in the lovely frescoed ballroom, we heard angels singing with us...what an experience to be joined with the heavens as we worshipped together in a gathering place that is over 1000 years old. Our concert and seminars in Peter and Anneliese's bookstore in downtown Graz were also very wonderful and Paul and I did many private sessions also. We witnessed amalgam fillings turning to gold in the healing time of the exciting! In the words of one of Paul's songs,"Healing is flowing, healing is flowing, it's flowing through you and through me." The week went by much too quickly and we wept as we said our good-byes, knowing that our hearts are joined forever in the vision of creating life centers on both sides of the Atlantic for our two worlds to join in the healing of creation.

The 15th day of our tour brought us to a small city near Vienna, Austria, with Willi Annemarie and Brigitte Loderer in their Plaz an der Sonne...a beautiful life and healing center near the center of the city of Baden. We sang and danced for joy with the standing room only crowd in our first concert on Friday night, and realized we needed to schedule another concert the night before we left to accommodate all those who were not able to fit into the first one. The seminars helped many to break loose to flow more freely in the desires of their hearts and gave new energy for bringing into form the visions of those who attended. Many were focused on the healing arts and were greatly encouraged with the tools given in the seminar for release to grow and live more successfully in their chosen paths. There were many private sessions also. What a wonderful work is going on there!

Lovely Brigitte was a delight to all of us as she facilitated the flow in the gatherings and in our times together...she is a gorgeous, loving spirit of light and she always found time to make our stay even more enjoyable with her guided excursions to Baden and to my favorite city Vienna. What an experience to view the magnificent, ornate, sculpture covered buildings that reflected the romantic, artistic flowing expression of the gifted creators of Vienna...there is no city like it that I have ever seen, and it was a thrill to walk the streets of this gathering city for the arts. Thank you Brigitte for the love and the beauty you brought to me...your angelic presence lifted us all! I am so looking forward to the visit you and your Mom will make to the USA!

Our last stop was in the city of Stuttgart in western Germany where we stayed in the warm friendly home of Mario Etzler for the last five days of our tour. Dear Stephanie created delicious vegetarian delights and always made sure there was plenty of lambs lettuce for us at every meal. Kara and Yoko captured our hearts with their sweet smiles. Joga Dass organized a concert in a church in downtown Stuttgart and two seminars besides the many private sessions. We were delighted to hear "die singenden Flammen" once again as we enjoyed a beautiful meditation and worship together in the concert. The seminars were vehicles for powerful affirmations of the visions and energy flow of those who attended and I know many wonderful blessings were put into motion through them.

My heart is forever joined with our beautiful Spirit Family in Germany and Austria and we know the bridge between our two worlds is formed to bring us together face to face. Already we have planned our next tour beginning in April for three months, and our joy is overflowing at the new doors that are opening for life and healing to flow all over the earth.

May the remainder of 2003 contain blessings you do not expect and may 2004 be the best year yet for you and yours!

DoveThots & Travel Update-Fall 2004

Greetings Dear Ones,

My time in the USA has brought wonderful treasures. I was so touched by the depth of my grandson Anthony’s “I Am” poem that I feel to begin by sharing it with you. It amazes and inspires me that a boy of 12 could see and feel the things he does, and then express them; not as a little boy, but as a sage. The children of our day have much to teach us…

My I Am Poem
Anthony Boehme
12 years old

I am a short pre-teen who likes video games.
I wonder about my future.
I hear the want of sound within silence.
I see an eagle soaring through the sea.
I want to have a college education.
I am a short pre-teen who likes video games.

I pretend I am at the end of time itself.
I feel I can grasp a star from a galaxy above.
I touch the other countries when looking at a map.
I worry that one day I will bid earth good-bye and pass away.
I cry over the deaths of those I hold dear.
I am a short pre-teen that likes video games.

I understand that all life must come to an end.
I say that our holy god is true.
I dream about flying throughout the sky.
I try hard to make adequate decisions.
I hope I will live a good and healthy life.
I am a short pre-teen that likes video games.

Our little ones entreat us to join them in their world…to allow them to teach us the things they still remember…

What The #$*! Do I K(now)?
This unusual movie is appearing in selected theaters across the US, and those who are fortunate enough to see it will gain life-changing insight into why we tend to keep repeating painful experiences instead of rising up as the creators we are to live what we truly desire to live. You have never seen a movie like this! Visit to find where “What The #$*! Do I K(now)?” is playing near you and get ready for an amazing experience!

The most often referenced interview in the film is Dr. Joe Dispenza's comments on creating his day. The following is the transcript of that part of the interview:

"I wake up in the morning, and I consciously create my day the way I want it to happen. Now, sometimes, because my mind is examining all the things that I need to get done, it takes me a little bit to settle down, and get to the point, of where I'm actually intentionally creating my day. But here's the thing."

"When I create my day, and out of nowhere, little things happen that are so unexplainable, I know that they are the process or the result of my creation. And the more I do that, the more I build a neural net, in my brain, that I accept that that's possible. Gives me the power and the incentive to do it the next day."

"So, if we're consciously designing our destiny, if we're consciously, from a spiritual standpoint, throwing in what the idea that our thoughts can affect our reality or affect our life, because reality equals life. Then, I have this little pact that I have when I create my day."

"I say, I'm taking this time to create my day, and I'm infecting the Quantum Field. Now, if it is in fact, the observer's watching me the whole time that I'm doing this, and there is a spiritual aspect to myself. Then, show me a sign today, that you paid attention to any one of these things that I created, and bring them in a way that I won't expect."

"So, I'm as surprised at my ability to be able to experience these things, and make it so that I have no doubt that its come from you. And so, I live my life, in a sense, all day long, thinking about being a genius, or thinking about being the glory and the power of God, or thinking about being Unconditional Love."

"I'll use living as a genius, for example. And as I do that, during parts of the day, I'll have thoughts that are so amazing, that cause a chill in my physical body, that have come from nowhere. But then, I remember that that thought has an associated energy, that's produced an effect in my physical ZZZbody."

"Now, that's a subjective experience, but the truth is that I don't think that unless I was creating my day to have unlimited thought, that that thought would come."

We are hearing a lot about manifestation…I think we all want to bring our dreams into reality and many believe it is possible to create anything we desire. So what is stopping us? I see desire as the beginning of reality. Activating desire through our intellect can create structure but not vibrancy of life, so there is little satisfaction there. Desire activated by LOVE, however, sets in motion the possibility of divine substance manifesting in fulfillment…BUT, we will only enjoy the reality it can produce if we ALLOW it to come to us. One negative thought can destroy even a lifelong dream if it is allowed repeatedly to occupy the mind…so, believe in your dreams, see them as realities, VISUALIZING and ALLOWING yourself to enjoy them…and, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF - THE POWER OF GOD IN AND AS YOU! You are a creator and a partaker of ALL you can see yourself enjoying! WOW!!!

Travel Update: All plans are subject to change without notice!
Are they ever!!! I was greeted upon my arrival in Atlanta, GA with the news that Panama City had been evacuated…Ivan was on his way! Dorothy and I appeared stuck, but not for long…a very special meeting there with Mama Estelle and Sarah and then with Linda & Barry Waring in Jacksonville, FL showed us that our paths had been redirected for a beautiful blessing as we savored the precious fellowship. Three days late, we arrived in PC with great thankfulness that the damage to Dorothy’s home was minimal…the electricity came on the day after our arrival there…halleluyah!

I got ½ way to Fountain Inn, SC when my car broke down…another two-day delay to have the valves replaced and the head resurfaced (hmmm, just what are you trying to tell me in this one, Dad?)…but, our FatherMother God is sooo amazing! I ended up being pampered like royalty and the home of the former mayor of Hamilton, GA. Ken and Dale Smith have restored their lovely home built in the late 1800s and created Magnolia Hall, a B&B that is a piece of heaven “somewhere in time.” I also had the joy of meeting Alan, a singer and minister known across the country…the rich fellowship and music we all enjoyed together made me to know this too was a divine appointment!

The visit with my children in Fountain Inn is always too short, no matter how long we get to spend together! They are such loves and we have so much fun together! Anthony is a gifted poet and Amanda also has won awards for her writing including being selected to accompany the mayor to light the city tree last Christmas. Wow! Guess I have good reason to be a proud grandma. Of course everyone who knows me knows my daughter Cherisa is my best girlfriend, and we love our long girl-talks over fru-fru coffee…so much to catch up on!

Another surprise blessing in Lenoir, NC came as Jessie deSousa from Brazil was there with Max & Mary Wisnant when Pam Yount and I gathered with them…so good to be with long time friends. My storage space was cleared out in one afternoon as God sent friends to purchase some things and others who were just setting up housekeeping to receive the rest…missionaries Wayne & BJ just returning from Eastern Europe and Claudia moving to the US from Austria. The blessing continued with a smooth drive to Indianapolis, IN to deliver my car and enjoy sweet fellowship with my spirit sis Barbara Dempsey. We traveled to Columbus, OH to a gathering hosted by Daniel & Joni Evans on Tabernacles weekend…what an awesome manifestation of God’s presence in prophesy, sweet worship and fellowship…we were all so blessed! Another gathering with the meditation group in Indi and with Marilene added yet more joy to the journey.

On to San Francisco for a delightful visit with Mom & Daddy Jim and another sweet time of fellowship with Dan & Diane Blackburn, Jeff & Myra House, Jon & Judy Taylor, Shelly & James. Our time was so special as we shared what we have all been experiencing and learning, and then picked Calistoga diamonds on the hills around the House’s lovely country home. Judy and I enjoyed a mystical walk in the ancient Redwoods of Muir Woods highlighted by a young deer that came alongside the path to feed. Yes, this has been a wonderful trip! Thank you to every one who made it so special and so productive! Next update will be from Europe as this new adventure unfolds… Home