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Hola! We won 2 more awards! We also added a song called "Forgot About J" to the Humor section!


Sorry for the lack of updates in the past few weeks. Well we added tons of news today, a video on the music page, and a picture on the 3rd picture page.


Well people have been saying that we need more content on this site to make it better so we took the time today to create 3 new sections which I think you will all like. We added a music section where you can go listen to some songs, a charts section which will keep you updated on where the guyz are on the billboard charts, and a section for awards we won. Enjoy!!


added one more pic to the pics 3 page.


Added some news and another link to the links page. Also made a thank you page.


We added 3 new pictures.


We added 5 new pictures, three on picture page 2, & 2 on pictture page three.


We added a FAQ section and got a new guestbook b/c the other one sucked. So go sign it if you havent already!! Um letz see I think that is it but maybe we will add more later!!!


Today we added 3 new sections...an All About Us page, a Poll page, & a Webring page! So check it out!


Today we added a Quotes page..so check it out!


Well latley we have just been adding a lot of different things, like a quiz, guestbook, links, pics, and Articles.