April 23, 2000

*NSync revealed a few details about its upcoming tour -- as well as a European tour with Britney Spears -- in a Wednesday (April 19) press conference from Orlando, Fla.

"We took this next tour to the next level," says Lance Bass. "It's twice as big. We're doing stadiums and arenas this time so we've had to adapt the stage to fit. Every song has its own gag effect through the whole show. I can't reveal a lot of the gags we're gonna do but it's gonna be very entertaining and we're going to get very close to everyone in the audience."

"We want to give the chance for people to see what we're about and how we always dreamt about doing things as far as stages [are concerned]," adds Joey Fatone. "We're a little nervous right now because of the expectations that people have -- we sold over a million tickets in one day -- so we know people out there are interested to see the show so we want to give them the best show we can."

*NSync also revealed they will hit Europe for a three-week tour with label-mate Britney Spears in October, giving European fans a double-dose of the American teen-pop market, as well as the possibility of a future collaboration with the teen pop star. "There has been talk about it, I think it would be one of the hottest songs ever," says Bass. "I talked to [Britney] about it the other day -- maybe on our next album."

In addition to the tours, *NSync has decided on a concept for its next video, "It's Gonna Be Me," which will be directed by Wayne Isham ("Bye Bye Bye"). "It's like a Toy Story-ish kind of thing where we are marionettes in the [toy] store," says Fatone. "This girl is trying to purchase us but all these other toys want to be the ones bought at the store. So we have fights with Barbie dolls and teddy bears. We haven't come up with everything in detail but it's a little different -- we like to keep it humorous."

Bass and Fatone also promise a "huge" *NSync film project is in the works, which they plan on announcing at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival in May. The film will shoot early 2001 and hit theaters in time for Christmas later that year.

"Me and Joey have been writing a screenplay for the last four years," says Bass. "We've met some great people in the film industry and we decided, 'Why not? Let's just go for it.' I can't really tell you what it is but it's gonna be a huge, huge movie and we got some major, major people in it. We're the five stars of it with another person that you're gonna know very well. It's absolutely going to be huge, that's all I can say."

*NSync hits the road beginning May 9 in Biloxi, Miss. with R&B thong-lover Sisqo and newcomer Pink in tow. In August, before traipsing all over Europe with Spears, the group plans on hitting a studio to record the follow-up to the record-shattering No Strings Attached.

April 9, 2000

Lance was among the celebrities competing for one million dollars to be given to their favorite charities on the celebrity edition of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire." The three episodes are scheduled to air May 1, 2 and 3 at 8:00pm ET.

April 5, 2000

The guys are on the cover of this monthsissue of Cosmo Girl magazine!! Go pick up our copy today!! Lance announced last night on the tonite show that he will be on Who Wants To Be A Millionare. I think the taping is this friday and it is for charity. It should air sometime next week..I will post information as I get it!!!

March 29, 2000

'N Sync's "No Strings Attached" tour is believed to have set a single-day record for ticket sales last Saturday, the first day the tickets were available. More than 1 million tickets were sold, and 51 of the 52 shows put up that day sold out. The total gross was about $40 million. Only a May 14 date at Nashville's Adelphia Stadium did not sell out, but it's expected to do so shortly. The tour, sponsored by and Nabisco and produced by SFX Touring, begins May 9 at Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi. The first leg ends July 31 in Hershey, Pa.; a second leg of about 30 dates will be announced soon. will record concert and backstage footage for an upcoming webcast. Meanwhile, it appears that 'N Sync's Jive album "NSA," released last week, will not only shatter Backstreet Boys' one-week record of 1.13 million units, but will break the 2 million mark. SoundScan results will not be released until Wednesday morning, but industry observers say they are confident that the 'N Sync set surpassed that figure.

March 27, 2000

The guys walked away empty-handed last night, after being nominated for an Academy Award in the "Best Original Song" category - for "Music of My Heart". Gloria Estefan and the guys did give a performance of the nominated song in a medley w/ Sarah McLaughlin, Amiee Mann, Phil Collins & Robin Williams.