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Q: If your fave group is the Backstreet Boys, why did you make an *NSync website?

A: Because we are also big fans of *NSync. We both already made sites about the Backstreet Boys. Yes, they are our favorite group, but it is possible for people to be a fan of both groups. Not only do we have sites about BSB & NSync, but we made a site about Christina Aguilera, and I (Jewely) have one about Jessica Simpson & Mandy Moore. So even though BSB will alwayz be our fave, *NSync is a very close second!!

Q: How are you guys 3rd cousins? How long have you been friends?

A: My (Jewely) mom, & Andrea's dad are 1st cousins so that makes us 3rd. We have only been friends since the beginning of 7th grade b/c we didnt meet eachother until then. We went to different elementary schools so in 7th grade, we were in the same middle school. Now we are in 9th grade at the same high school and a bestest friends in the whole world!!