Justin Talks Girls, Guys and Relationships

After the wild legal ride and some scary moments, 'N Sync's just released their much-anticipated sophomore CD, No Strings Attached. As the guys get ready to tour once again, the subject of girls is very much on their minds - they'll be getting to know a whole lore more them once they hit the road. Although Justin Timberlake is constantly traveling and performing with the group, it's no surprise, this 19-year-old's had his share of friends and relationships...

Justin are you more cautious about approaching girls nowadays, for feat they might like you for the wrong reasons?

Justin: "...I'm pretty quiet on the first impression. Instead of, like, talking and trying to figure them out, I kinda listen more. And somebody might get that impression about me, that I'm a little bit more quiet or you know, a little bit more to myself. But that's because, when I meet someone, I kinda listen to what they have to say and then base my feeling upon that."

And what do you do if you realize you're interested?

Justin: "Well, I'm pretty honest you know. If I'm interested in somebody, I'll just ell them, and if they're interested in me too, we'll go out and get to know each other."

What kind of things interest you in a person?

Justin: "...When I meet someone, you know, and my first impression is that they're comfortable with themselves, confident about their own personality and know themselves, that's what's sexy to me. That's what really turns me on. And I'll be interested in if somebody can just talk to me as a person, and just say what they have on their mind and know what they mean and know themselves. That's a really big turn on to me.. I think I'm really good at recognizing what kind of person someone might be, and I.. love, you know, talking and socializing. But pretty much, I know who I'm going to be close to before I'm close to them."

Do you and your buddies like to be asked out on a date or do you prefer to do the asking?

Justin: "I find it best when it's just casual conversation and then you come to common grounds and somebody in the conversation says, 'Hey, would you like to sped some time together? You go out and do something for fun or whatever?"

How important are physical traits to guys?

Justin: "I think the physical thing is very important with guys, with most guys. I don't wanna sound stereotypical; it's not really a big deal to me. But I think when guys talk, obviously it's like, 'Oh you know, I like her waist, her butt, da, da, da, da' You get that a lot when you hear guys talk. I don' t. I can't. I don't know why guys do that, I don't know. I think girls are the same way though. There are certain characteristics - physical traits- about a guy that would first attract a girl to him, whether it be the thighs or his butt for that mater. I don't know. I definitely heard girls says to be, 'Oh well, I like Brad Pitt because he has a nice butt.' or something, you know? I think it goes both ways."

What's a huge mystery to you when it comes to girls?

Justin: " A girl might get upset because I didn't understand how she felt at a particular time. She might say to me, 'You are just supposed to know...' and that's not the case... If you feel a certain way about something, you need to be vocal; you need to communicate. I really think communication is on of the most important things in any relationship. And if you can't communicate with each other, you are not going to go anywhere.. I'm not psychic. If you feel a certain way, you now, at least give me a hint, give me a nudge, give me a wink, give me something to know that you are uncomfortable, and I will definitely try to make things the way you want them.

What secrets to guys keep?

Justin: "...You know, everybody is looking for that warmth, from someone you might want to be your soulmate one day.. But I think guys put up a front because men are men.. I think we're looking for somebody we can share everything with. I mean, not everybody is looking for that at this particular time, but you know what I mean."

When you're with your other guy friends, do you talk about girls in more than physical ways?

Justin: "Definitely. Yeah. That's a big thing with me. I know a lot of dudes, one of my best friends, we always talk about 'What kinda girl is she?'... I mean, if you're going to be in a relationship with someone, for it to work, you also have to work at it or it's not going to be what you want it to be.."

Do you think that when guys talk to each other, they can be really honest about how they feel, or is there still that front?

Justin: "...I'm always as honest as I can be. I think everybody exaggerates every now and then. I know, of my close guy friends, if they are talking about a girl and they're just with me, they'll probably be totally honest with me. When people get around people they aren't too comfortable with, then they might put on a front and try to say something they don't wanna say, or try to exaggerate something to another degree.

Do you and the other members of 'N Sync talk about the women in your lives? Do you share?

Justin: "Sure. Yeah, we're guys."

You give each other advice?

Justin: "Yeah, definitely."

Do you take advice easily?

Justin: "Yeah, I'm always open for more improvement, so if anybody has any advice for me..."

Have any of your friends, including the guys from 'N Sync, ever told you, 'I really love her' or 'I could see myself spending a long time with her?'

Justin: "Umm, I've heard it a couple of times.. I mean, obviously you're young, so things happen and things sometimes don't work out. But yeah, I have [heard it]."

Do you think guys are as heartbroken as girls when a relationship falls apart?

Justin: "...There's always this misunderstanding that guys are dogs and women are usually the victim, but ask him about his first love, and I bet you you'll find out he got cheated on. He got his heart broken or whatever, and that's what started him. So often with a lot of people, it's all about what happened to them in the past and they're scared for that to happen to them again. And that's why they shield and that's why the become deceitful and things like that." I

Is it still taboo for guys to cry and break down and get emotional when they talk or when they're with their friends?

Justin: "Guys wanna seem like guys. You don't normally see a guy cry and I guess, you know maybe some guys are more comfortable with crying a some guys aren't."

Have you ever cried?

Justin: "Yeah, sure. I think everybody has gotten their heart broken before."

Entertainmenteen April 2000