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The aussie is bred to be a working dog as well as family protector. It is my goal to preserve the aussie's character as the breed standard states; "a dog with strong herding and guarding instincts." My dogs are not suited to be mainly family pets. They have high energy and tons of herding instinct so will only be happy when kept challenged, both mentally as well as physically. I keep my dogs active by training and competing in agility, Flyball, obedience, and herding. My dogs are not kennel dogs and live happily in my home. I keep them well exercised, so they don't have the energy to get into trouble!

The name Mestena is the word in which mustang came from. I spent a lot of time researching different words for mustang because I wanted to use it in Tess' registered name. I feel that this animal is the embodiment of heart/fire/courage/spirit/drive/power as well as being a symbol of the old west. Since this is what I feel the traditional working aussie is all about, as well as the type I've chosen to produce, it is only fitting that I use Mestena as my kennel name.

My Aussies

Myst, Curry, and Bree

Curry (back) and Bree (front) - full siblings

Curry and Tess (who now lives in WA) at a BRASC Herding Trial in October '98

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