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Welcome to:

"Remembering Lynnette".

Date Of Birth: 12-6-74

Date of Death: l2-19-99


Lynnette on October 10, 1999

This quilt was raffled off on December 16, 2000 at Troy Flower and Gift Shop, 120 Byrd Street, Troy, NC

It was won by James Lamonds of Candor NC. Proceeds will benefit persons with mental disabilites and to grant a nursing scholarship to a person wishing to become a nurse.





Lynnette hugging her Dad May 1999




Lynnette and her mother


Lynnette and her Mother on October 9, 1999


Lynnette hugging her Mom May 1999


Lynnette and her Dad


Lynnette gets the giggles


Lynnette with her Mom and Dad


Lynnette the Shining Star

Lynnette was living in an assisted-living home in Aberdeen North Carolina. On October 27, 1999 she was taken to First Health Moore Regional Hospital in Pinehurst North Carolina. She had multiple bruises all over her body and was unconscious. She had a blunt forced trauma to her head and emergency surgery was performed. She lay in the home for over 5 hours before anyone would call 911. She remained in a coma from October 27, 1999 until her death on December 19, 1999. Her caregiver was charged with felonious abuse and neglect. The first court date (January 20) was continued to February 17. Lynnette's friends and family will be attending court in Carthage, NC wearing pink ribbons in support of her parents and in memory of Lynnette. Please follow this case! Updates will be given. Anyone having information on the Lynnette Martin case should contact Attorney Roger Manus toll free at 888-833-5302 or Detective Dan Wilson at 910-944-9721.

Enact Lynnette's Law

Families of those who suffer with brain disorders have a two-part story. The first part is of the personal, emotional and financial tragedy of their experience. The second part is the frustration when attempting to receive services mandated by law and funded through our federal and state governments administered by the present system of care. Families' expressions of grave concerns regarding the system of care for their loved ones often seem to fall on deaf ears. Lynnette Martin's parents were diligent in their attempts to get appropriate medical and rehabilitative care for their daughter. However, on Oct. 27, Lynnette was brought to Pinehurst to the emergency room following a 911 call to the assisted-living home in Aberdeen where she lived. She was unconscious with multiple bruises on her body and required immediate brain surgery from a blow to her head. Lynnette remained in a coma until her death on Dec. 19. Charges have been filed against two of her caregivers. Lynnette's parents expressed, suffering the pain of guilt, that they could not protect their daughter. The burden her parents bear is overwhelming, but the burden of guilt must be lifted from them, and placed where it rightfully belongs. The system of care for those with disabilities has many questions to be answered regarding her care leading up to the tragedy, and following the tragedy. The present system to guard against abuse often does not work. As concerned citizens follow this case, the facts can give the guidance needed for the passage by the legislature of "Lynnette's Law." This is needed for protection of those living in the care of our state in our hospitals, nursing homes and group homes. As this case unfolds in court, we may learn more about what we can do through our mental health system and legislature to ensure safeguards for prevention of abuse and Prosecution of abusers. On Dec. 31, the Lynnette Martin Memorial Fund was established to benefit those with mental disabilities who suffer abuse in hospitals, nursing homes and group homes. The Board of Advisors - who are mental health professionals, family members and friends of those with brain disorders -invite you to contribute to the fund and help raise the level of awareness of the care our most vulnerable citizens receive.


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