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My B'bee
My B'bee

Hi, B'bee I was just putting together a little page for you on my site. I wanted to show you and everyone who comes to my site how much I love you.

I Will Love Sheila Forever

These are just things that I've picked up/out over the past couple of days that make me think about you, or are about you.

<-- an Icon that I thought suited you

it should say, my cutie, lol    :) because that's what you are, you're my b'bee :)

since you like limpbizkit so much here's another one that I thought you might like

Well b'bee these are just a couple of the things I had for you, I know it's not much, but it's just the tip of the Iceberg :) So as time goes on, and my love grows stronger, I'll keep updating this page for you :)


Alan Lee Page


and I just want you to know that.

[My B'bee]