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VERS 2.0
Well I guess where to start would be telling you a little about me.
I'm an 21 year old guy from North Carolina. I'm staying in a town called Wilmington, home of UNCW, a lot of my friends are going there this year. But anyways, lol. Here's a pic, cause I suck at describing what I look like
Hi, this pic sucks doesn't it?
But theres more pix if you wanna see them in the picture section
Ok, well as you can see, I have a tounge ring. But I also have both of my nipples peirced. I'm thinking about getting my eyebrow redone. But I'm not sure yet, cause I wanna get back into Kung-fu and it would be aggrivating to have to keep taking it out again.
Ok I think I've rambled on enough so now I guess I'll try to let you do something a lil more interesting.
If anything important happens in my life, I'll try to update this and let you know about it.

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