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Generation 1

Alvina SCHWALBE was born June 1853 in Saxony, Germany. She married Karl Louis OPITZ before 1876 in Saxony, Germany. Alvina OPITZ died after 1942 in Ohio. Her maiden name may have been Americanized to SCHUBAL.

Children of Alvina SCHWALBE and Karl OPITZ are:

1. Charles Otto OPITZ, born December 29, 1876 in Plaeun, Saxony, Germany. He married Bertha Louisa SCHREIBER August 21, 1901, the daughter of Charles SCHREIBER and his wife Augusta BEHNKE. Charles Otto OPITZ died September 27, 1936 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

2. Paul OPITZ, born November 1879.

3. Anna Lena OPITZ, born February 1889. She married Charles CAUNTER.

4. Lena Anna OPITZ, born February 1889. She was a twin sister of Anna Lena OPITZ and died at a young age.