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Walk in the Garden

I took a walk in the garden last night, and met my Jesus there.

Boy,what a site! I was so happy; He was standing there with tears on his cheeks, and love in His eyes. The minute I saw him, I knew right away that I had come home and He was here to meet me.

His arms were out-stretched and he had a smile on his face. He said "I love you"!! My heart was pounding and my feet were slow, but He rushed to meet me and caught me as he usually does.

His arms were so strong, and his love was real soft. He kissed me on the top of my head and said, "I've waited for you for a long time and now you are home. I thank you my son, for giving to me everything and giving up that old self."

I felt so good, like I've never felt before. I knew that I was home in the arms of my Lord. "I love you my father, and thank you so much for your love and kindness and for my home up above."

Then, to my amazement, I opened my eyes. I was not in Heaven but here in my bed. Although, just for a moment, I was home with my father, and oh ~ what a surprise and a glorious time it was. Because of this great moment and a taste of home, I strive to be more and more like Jesus everyday.

Our Lord inspired this little story. I was sound asleep at about 2 o'clock in the morning. Jesus woke me up and asked me to write down what he was saying. So I got up and started writing. After it was finished, I put down the pen, and shut off the light. I did not read it until the next evening. I was very emotional about it.
You see, there is only one way to the top of the mountain, that is to "KILL OFF OLD SELF", and let JESUS IN. So, please remember if there is a hole in your heart that hungers for love, go for a walk in the Garden with Jesus above.

I thank him so much for His GREAT LOVE. It is so true that we must give ourselves totally to him, if we are to be really blessed.

SELF,is my WORST enemy. I ask him every day to help me kill off "self" and he does. Please do not get discouraged, we all mess up. I remember once trying not to do or say anything that would offend my Lord, but I could not.

I tried to go just one day with out offending him, I COULD NOT! That old dog Satan is always there to aggravate. The results of my trying so hard to be perfect was disasterous, I had a nervous breakdown.

I learned from the Lord that the only way that we can make it and kill off self, is to stay close to him every minute of every day. He is looking for a few good friends!! Friends who will sacrifice themselves for Him. I used to say "I'll die for you", but would not give up "self", so I guess I was a LIAR.

Peter was the same way when he said he would die for Jesus, but then he denied him three times. Paul said "Oh wretched man that I am. The things that I don't want to do I do and the things I want to do I don't."

Well, we are all the same, but thanks be to God that we have "Jesus"!! I found that if I spend a lot of time with Him by myself, not talking but just saying, "Here I am Lord, I want to come and sit by your feet and let you put your arms around me. Saying, I have just come to visit."

You see...that is what He is looking for; a buddy, a friend. He is called "THE MAN OF SORROWS". When He was on earth, He was beaten, ridiculed and spat upon - and was even killed for us. He did nothing wrong. He said that there was no greater gift than a man who would give his life for his friends, as He did.

So, why are we so selfish that we won't go visit Him without wanting something? He is so kind, generous and forgiving. And, that is all He asks from us. If we stopped being so selfish and spend the time with Him, the problems might still be there but there would be peace in the midst of the storm. He said that we could live our lives at peace even with our enemies.

I have learned these things by being stupid, and for a long time I refused Him. To say I refused, I meant to give up that old fleshly man, because I had no faith in JESUS. As I started to KILL SELF, and allow Jesus to fill the void, I am a HAPPIER man. I can take the pressures of life alot easier now. He said "Do not worry about yesterday, for it is gone; and do not worry about tomorrow because it is not here yet, only be concerned about today ~ for today has enough problems of its own." He also says that He feeds the birds and clothes the flowers and how much more does he love us than he does them? We think that we must handle things ourselves, but i tell you that he gives us all we have, especially a sound mind and peace like a river. If we would give first and last and all day to Him, we would have the peace.

TIME WITH HIM IS WHERE WE GET OUR STRENGTH. To go on when we think we can't!!
He said, "When you lose your peace STOP what you are doing and come and hide with me until you get it back!!! PLEASE look at your motives everyday and ask yourself what is worth more than silver and gold?

...PEACE...PEACE...and how do we get it? HIDING WITH JESUS!!!! He is alive and well!!!
The old devil tries to get us to think that we don't have time to spend with JESUS, but he is a LIAR. Remember, Jesus said that he tries to warn us, but somehow we seem to think that we are smarter than he is. YEA...RIGHT!!!!

That's what I thought, but thank God I have JESUS to see me through. He gives me PEACE as He promised and if I lose it,it is because I don't go to the mountain to see HIM!!!

I am here to tell you, that those times that I spend on the mountain top with Him ARE AWESOME!!!!There is peace beyond belief!! I have learned to let Him be my Mother, my Father , my brother and lover most of all. We hunt to fill the void of need, but He is the only one who can fulfil us. BELIEVE ME!!! The way will always be hard, there will be wars and rumors of wars until the end of time. That means spiritual as much as physical . He said "if you sell everything and give it to the poor, and yet don't have love, you have nothing. We must practice unconditional love, as He did!! He LOVES EVERYONE, no matter what we do, HE WILL FORGIVE EVERYONE!!! But does that mean that we dont pay a price??? OH NO!! There is a price to pay just as there was for Him!! He said "take up your cross and bear it daily".

I asked myself what is my cross?? I finally listened to Him and realized none of us can do it alone!!!

So, it's up you us; its up to us!! Do we want to be stubborn?? Do we want to let "SELF" BEAT US UP??? Or are we GOING TO GET SMART??? Are we going to GIVE ALL to JESUS, every minute of every day ???

Are we going to let JESUS tell us every little thing that he would have us do??? BELIEVE ME my friend, the price of letting "SELF RULE" is "TOO HIGH TO PAY". And I, for one, am not willing to pay the high price any longer. PLEASE!!! LETS JOIN FORCES TO GIVE IT ALL TO "JESUS". EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY!!!!

May the Good Lord, Our Father in Heaven, RICHLY BLESS YOU and keep you now and until the end of time!!

Keep looking up so you can see HIS face and be RICHLY BLESSED!!

Time alone with Him is so AWESOME. Once you do go and spend time with Him, you will wish that you would never have to come back!! All things work together for good, FOR THOSE WHO LOVE HIM!!!. Is it up hill?? Yes!! To the very top...Is the road long?? Yes, to the very end!! My friends, I love you all and hope that you will pray over this and read it over and over until you get understanding.

You see, JESUS said that a lot of people would be lost for the lack of knowledge, so PLEASE!! DO AS HE SAID,AND SEARCH FOR KNOWLEDGE OF HIM AS IF YOU WERE MINING FOR GOLD OR DIAMONDS. KNOW THAT JESUS IS WORTH FAR MORE.!!

This story, inspired by the Lord, touched my heart - as it has for everyone else who has read it. It is truly blessed from above, so please copy it, and send it to everyone everywhere.

Sterling Beckett Jr.


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