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My Dad's 1967 Pontiac Catalina.  He has owned this car since 1968.  We added the 8-lug wheels. They were a deal at $80 for the entire set!! This car has the original engine (rebuilt) and transmission (not rebuilt and still working at 225K miles).  The AC still works.  It has an AM/FM radio, tilt wheel and underhood reel out light.  We had the seats reupholstered in the original fabric.  We have been searching for NOS parts and recently installed new headlight bezels, taillight bezels, trunk lid arrow head, rear top of fender moldings, parking lenses and front arrow head.  We were once asked why we had put so much effort into a 4 door car?  Well, how many of these do you see anymore?  This car is a member of the family. A couple of more photos below.

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